Uruguay into Buenos Aires!

After Cabo Polonial the whole crew moved onto La Pedrera a little South of Cabo Polonial. It’s a cool little hippy beach town. Honestly the coast of Uruguay was a little cold and not much life. We were all about two weeks early for the good weather and people migrating to the beach.

The only pictures I have of the town are these.

It the picture above he looks displeased but really he’s just half asleep. The most mellow, coolest puppy ever. Think its time to get a dog after this trip. Or maybe a little guy to travel around with me? Haha

So repost of this picture to intorduce Lucia.

The girl in the back right with the green bandana on her head. While in La pedrera her mom came up for part of the day. Lucia’s mom Victoria met a couple of the traveling family and invited all 6 of us to dinner for Christmas. With their family it was 14 total I think.

So after some relaxing in La Pedrera for a couple of days then we would all meet again in Montevideo. The biggest city in Uruguay. Dimitri and I deceided to check out a natural area around Minas. His plan was to take the bus/hitchhike and we would meet there. It is a natural area to hike and see a few things for pictures, like a small waterfall. Here is our first day in Minas

A little rain in Minas


And this dog on the neighboring roof that barked a lot!

Got a good sunset after the rain

Dimitri gets very tired but never likes to miss a text!! Haha

Took the second day and cruised around and checked things out.

My favorite Spanish word

The park in the town of Minas had animals. Not sure why.

Gave Dimitri a ride and told him he needed to wear the vest. I’ve had that vest since my very first trip with this bike and never use it anymore. Really not sure why I continue to carry it. A lot of people in Uruguay wear them on motos so I saw good opportunity. Not sure if it’s a law but I told Dimitri I thought it was and he should wear it. You can see he is very excited.

If someone told me I would give an Italian a ride on the moto the picture above would not have been my vision at all! Haha But I do owe Dimitri a big thank you. I think I was becoming travel weary and very tired. There were even random thoughts of stopping.  After talking with Dimitri it was a good reminder how sweet it is to travel by moto.  Always good to get some new perspective on things. Doesn’t hurt that this guy is pretty much always laughing or smiling (except when he gets a bad meal, an Italian thing I think).  Thanks Dimitri for the laughs and getting me back into travel mode.

After that it was time for Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. One thing I immediately noticed driving into the city was that no one beeps. So nice and mellow here. No one really seems wound up about anything. Also MV has great sunsets in the south of the city.

Night two in Montevideo was Christmas and time to head to Victoria’s house. It was a very special night of food, drinks and great people. Christmas really isn’t that important of a day to me but it was such a great experience to be so welcomed by strangers that now feel like family. To be invited and hosted in such a way would have been amazing and very special any night of the year. Such a big thank you to Victoria, Lucia, Nicholas and the rest of the family for such a special night!

Also we were treated to Christams fireworks by all the neighbors. So crazy and awesome!

New Christmas tradition for my family


After the Christmas festivities I stayed one more day to bike around the city.

I also had the opportunity to see some old friends that I met just under a year ago. It was a good time to just sit and talk with some dear friends. Martina and Vanessa, I met at the start of my trip in Ecuador. I was always hanging around the beach bar/restaurant that they worked at. Not as bad as it sounds my buddy owns the bar and you can watch the point break from there. Anyway, I had of laughs with these girls. Vanessa (left in pic) is home and teaching high school kids and Martina (right in pic) is still traveling and working in different places. Into her second year of traveling I think.  Both of these girls also seem to never stop smiling.

As I mentioned I think I was tired and struggling a little in the trip so between Dimitri and seeing the girls I was back on track. We met for a couple beers and talked for about 2 hours. I think all 3 of us laughed almost the entire time. So happy to see you two again! Some other day some other place in the world!

The next day I was off to Colonial for lunch, some speed tourism and to catch the ferry to Buenos Aires.  Almost completely recharged like I am starting the trip all over.  After Buenos Aires and some amazing off road I really get stoked again.  But I am getting ahead.  All that to come if I can ever catch up on this damn blog!

Bye bye Uruguay. A very sweaty one hour cruise to Buenos Aires.

So much to see and do in BA! My first stop was to tour the area of the city known as La Boca. A famous area in BA for Tango and the Boca Juniors soccer team. I would have paid a lot of money to go to a game there but it is off-season right now.

Not sure if I used this one already or not

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