Last days of Brazil and into Uruguay

After the quick turn around in Curitba I had an easy day to Florianoplois. I stopped in the BWM shop there because the replacement frame bolts were not correct so I was hoping to find the right ones. Talked to a couple of guys at the shop had some free coffee and water then started to get it all sorted. Of course the AK plate drawing some attention. So it all took a little over an hour but I was in no hurry and they actually had the exact bolts!!! Bolts some and chain lube and I was ready to go. I asked the how much and he said don’t worry. I don’t know why but I visible shocked.
Me:Ummm are you sure?
Guy:Yes yes have a great trip! Is there anything else? Because I am standing there like an idiot.
Me: no no obrigado, obrigado muito obrigado!

That AK plate and rolling solo is starting to get me some street credit I guess haha. But it truly is the little things that are so appreciated and this really was. Two days in a row of just great people giving that little extra. Thank you.

After that Florianopolis was kind of a bust. All the lodging was pretty pricey for what I was used to and the weather was getting bad so camping wasn’t exciting to me. I decided then that I had seen Brazil and after over 4 months I was ready for a new country. I still had two more days of riding to get out and one road in particular that I wanted to ride. So there it is decision made and the next day I ended up here at Sierra do rio do Rastro.

I was here on a Wednesday or Thursday and saw an abnormal amount of motos. After talking to a few guys I learned the biggest moto rally of Brazil was in a town about 100km north that I had already passed through. It sounded fun but its hard for me to back track. Also the more I thought about it, it would be a 3-4 day party and me struggling to repeat my story in Portuguese. I was ready for a new country it was time, just that simple. I could be in Punta del Diablo Uruguay before the weekend surfing and visiting a friend I met in Ecuador. It would be nice to talk English, get my spanish rolling again and relaxing near the beach. I was even a little surprised I was riding away from a moto party but I was in a much more chill mood than the Moto Rally sounded like it would be.

After talking to many riders off and on for over an hour I learned that they all ride up this beautiful road and then just turn around and ride back down. Well that just doesn’t usually work form me. The same road twice? I think there must be another route and since I am surrounded but beautiful high sierra must be nice riding. I asked some more questions and got the best answers I could. I left this

And was soon into this

Cool little cabin. Nice craftsmanship.

So about half of the day on pavement and the other half on dirt. All with amazing scenery and very cool riding from uphill paved switchbacks to downhill dirt double track. Was one of my best days of riding of the trip. Good weather all day and a great mix of terrain. It ended up being a much longer day than I thought since I rode some much off road. I was exhausted but very happy. What a way to finish an amazing country. One more day of flat boring riding and I would be out of Brazil, but it is this day I thought of as my last. I was absolutely having a blast an riding really well. Was nice to get back to some proper off road. Cant say it enough a perfect day of riding. Even ended with some luck because the beach town I decided to stay in all the sudden was crazy windy. Got the bike parked inside and my bag off, then it just started to be a monsoon! Did a little bike maintenance inside the barn/shop area I was parked in and then braved the elements for dinner. Tomorrow would not be a very exciting riding day but it would be put me very close to the border of Uruguay.

This was somewhere near Florianopolis, I think. This is a burger chain in the south of Brazil and the restaurants are made out of shipping containers. They also claim to have the worlds best burger, so I can only ride by some many of these before I have to pull in.

It was a good burger and they had some nice sauces. Actually a very good burger for my experience in Brazil and South America, world’s best eh. I’ve had better in many other places but their marketing is good. It worked just as designed on me.

My last pictures of Brazil

Hiding from the sun on an open ferry

Laundry night in my last Brazil hotel

And last little bit of Brazil wildlife.

Capivara aka giant rats

But baby anything is usually photo worthy

Bird with pink wings

And it is with giant rats and pink birds that I say goodbye to Brazil. A country that I went to for a maximum of 6 weeks and spent just over 4.5 months. Yup, that happen. I set a record for most time in one spot and most time in any one country. We will see what all waiting does to my schedule down the road. It should work out well though, because summer in the south of South America is just starting. All part of my master plan. haha

So as Brazil comes to an end let me put some statistics down for you.
Statistics I made up but think are probably true:
1-Brazil does more thumbs up than anybody else in the world.
2-It is illegal for any truck driver to wear a shirt ever!
3-More cows and land for cows than any other country
4-Smallest bikinis in the world.
5-More flat straight sections of road than any other country
6-More beautiful beaches than any other country
7-The country where the most locals tell you to be careful, you might get shot!
8-Biggest assholes on the waves ever.
9-Some of the nicest, most generous and caring people Ive met. Excluding #8
10-One of the most ethnically diverse countries. Love it. I didn’t stick out quite as much.
11-Some great food and why doesn’t ever country do food by the kilogram? Best system ever!
12-Did I mention the bikins? Will never get used to that. For sure not a complaint.
13-I don’t think anyone ever has gotten a ticket for speeding in Brazil. Ever! I know I should have had about 50 and at least half of those I passed police.
14-Brazil is an amazing and crazy place = I like it a lot!

First stop in Uruguay, Punta del Diablo
Not sure where it got its name but it is much more ominous than the cute little beach town actually is. The town consists mostly of cool little cabins and bungalows that sit on a hill overlooking the ocean. It claims to be a surf town but honestly I was told even by locals the waves are only ok. I surfed one day and caught a few but mostly noticed how cold the water was even in a wetsuit!! All this warm weather travel and surfing have made me soft.

Just north about 8km is a nice national park with a fort called Santa Theresa. Biked up there for the day and took some pictures with another American guy named Dan. He was in the last days of his trip.

Saw these guys at the fish place and asked the guy a few questions. I thought the guy said they were Makos but I wasn’t sure and I think the only shark I can correctly identify is a hammerhead. I then asked him where he got them since I surfed right near the fish place and he said “very close to here”. Ok don’t need to surf here again.

After 3 nights in Punta del Diablo and was time to head off to the small remote town of Cabo Polonial. This town has almost no electricity and a step back in time. However on my just 60km ride there I had this nice experience.

I tried to wait it out. I tried to get around it but no dice ended up having to ride right through the middle of it. It was crazy heavy rain for about 30 min and huge drops that hurt. Wet and irritated I got to the entrance point of Cabo Polonial, then stepped in a hole and fell over. Now more irritated I got the bike situated to leave it for 2-3 nights to take the modified dump truck ride in.

It is a national park now and no other vehicles are allowed in unless locals have permission and no more houses can be built there.

The hostal

The guy that owned our hostel was eccentric to say the least and this was his beachfront art. Old TV and whale vertebrae.

Some views from around town

Lots of Sea Lions and they are very aggressive this time of year fighting with each other. Many dead ones on the beach that lots their battles.

VERY VERY GRAPHIC PIC. Sorry but had to put it in. This one did not die from fighting. This guy obviously died from the fishing net around its neck. I still struggle with how some countries or people treat the ocean and land like a trash can. Happens everywhere but is worse in some latin American countries. Uruguay as a hole is very clean and safe and who knows where the fishing net strated but the end result is the same.

A group of us did a beautiful hike from Cabo Polonial to the next town north. Vizios I think. Was a great group of people and a really neat hike through sand dunes and along the beach.

A few last pics of Cabo Polonial. A very special place. If you have the chance go and go soon because technology is slowly creeping in.

Met this guy. Thought it would be to cold for something like this here but nope. Nobody would pic it up!! Shocker

New friend Dimitri.

Me in my sweet new free t-shirt

Phillip Dimitri and Michael (aka Terrance)

We had a nice group of about 6 that kept hanging out. Here we all are after cooking dinner at the hostel.

Rained super hard all one day. Naps and lunch at the nicest restaurant in town. Dimitri and I made a new friend.

An amazing finish to a very special place.

My motivational statement for the week.

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