Falls from Argentina & Moto Prob

So after my visit to Igaucu in Brazil the next day I headed out to see it from the Argentina side. Some people (like me) might ask why? Because I mean one side is the same as another right? The answer is clearly NO! It really is two totally different experiences. I will say that I enjoyed the Argentina side quite a bit more. The park is bigger and has a lot more natural feel to it. Takes a lot more walking to get around the Argentina side but there is more to see. They have nice trails and a little train to take you to some of the places. It is really two different places and each somewhat representative of their perspective countries. The parks are similar to the style of the people of each country. Guess you will have to go to see what I mean!

Layout of the Argentina side

Devils Throat

Video – Gives you an idea of how massive

Devils Throat Video


These guys are everywhere. They have no fear of people, get in the trash, will steal food out of your hand and bite!!

The falls are massive and go on for miles. It is cool to hike the trails and see the different waterfalls. It was a nice day hiking around. I kept thinking ok, its another big water fall, but they were all cool and different. Might be cool to do flight seeing and check out the whole thing at once to get perspective.

Because of all the rain there was a little flooding going on. Minor at this time, but I heard the rain hasn’t stopped since I left! It the photo below that’s normally a walkway for viewing. Can only assume that thing is gone now.

I think the building sticking up on the other side through the trees is the fancy hotel at the falls on the Brazil side. Wayyyyyyyyy out of my budget.

Speaking of accommodations, it’s a good time to give another huge thank you to Johnny Hubbard and Lucia Kurtz. Johnny is a rider who I never met but we a have mutual friend from New Zealand named Michael. Michael put us in contact and Johnny said when you arrive to Foz you can stay here. Always great to be hosted by another rider. Johnny and I messaged every so often and I would always say I am leaving Itacare in a week or so. So over two months later I finally get to Foz. The kicker Johnny was out on a ride with friends for a couple of months. I stayed in his place for about a week and Lucia was nice enough to take time and help me get settled. Although we have never me I consider Johnny a good friend and appreciate so much him opening his home to me, a stranger. The community of moto travelers is a very special and there is almost always an open door nearby. Thank you again Johnny and Lucia!

Back to the water

Lots of pictures because it is so impressive. Even more pictures and video here:

Go to around page 24

Brazil Album

After the falls a pass through the Buddhist temple and that will about do it for me in Foz do Igaucu.

For me Foz do Igaucu was a must see and it did not disappoint. After lots of rains and seeing lots of water it was time to ride away, in the rain! Oh well flat and good roads so no worry. Off to the south coast of Brazil.

After Igaucu it was long flat and fast to Curitba. Along the way the rear of the bike got very soft and would occasionally rub on the rear tire. I thought the shock had gone but it didn’t make sense because it was still performing some. It wasn’t working off just the spring like when a shock blows. The bike also was not really sagging as much as I thought it should with a bad shock. I kept stopping and looking at the shock and lifting up on the back end to try and figure is out. I was so focused on the shock it took a while to notice two frame bolts that sheared off. Fearing the shock could now be bent and who knows what else damaged I thought I was in Curitba for several nights.

Pulled into Star news BMW around 230 and within 15 min they had my bike on the lift. After having a nice lady help translate with the mechanic he started on my bike to do list. I talked to his boss for a min and asked for a place to stay and taxi. He looked confused. I told him I’d be back tomorrow when they had my bike done. He asked why because they will have my bike ready today? I was shocked!! Ok man lets do this!!!

Chilling in the shop

Hmmmm problem

Subframe Problem  VIDEO LINK


New chain and sprockets, oil change, frame bolts replaced, air filter cleaned, head light issue checked and a few more things. Bike was ready to go at 530. The frame issue was really just the two sheared bolts. One of the mechanics and I were talking as good as we could and we both agreed that with the geometry the broken frame bolts should not have caused the shock to bend. And the way the subframe rested on the fuel tank to keep it from dropping down more. Well I think that’s what we agreed on anyway. Lots of handshakes thank you, photos, a free tshirt and I was off again. I have had great luck with BMW service in most countries in South America, most! When the service has been good it has been absolutely amazing. Star News may have set a new bar or at least rivals the shop in Uberlandia.

Happy Campers

Rode to the center of town to find a place to crash for the night. Then up and on the move again in the morning heading for Florianpolis. I was really looking forward to Florianopolis and the surrounding area because I kept hearing how beautiful it is. Just hoping for higher temps and less rain than they have been having!!

And with the Buddhist theme of above.

Teaser pic – one of my best days of the trip ahead!

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