Water, water and more water!!!

Let me start with a correction from my last post. My new friend Daniel is not a landscape picture. He is this guy. I hope he has been in the water with that board.

Ok now a few more pictures of that amazing Brazil coastline

I love this picture because I can picture the scenario clearly from hanging out is beach towns so much. First look at one of the flip flops already has a different strap so its been repaired and then the other has a broken strap. Someone walking along and their flip flop blows out. They briefly look down and assess the situation, cut their losses and keep on walking. Love the beach town attitude of “no big deal”.

Now it was time for one of my must sees of the trip. Foz do Iguacu. This is something that I was not going to miss. Time to push all they way across Brazil from east coast to western border. About 1400 km in two days the way I was doing it.

About halfway through day one saw these guys with two supper sweet bikes heading somewhere to race. These bikes are a rare sight anywhere but especially around here.

Maybe someone can chime in more about the race version. I don’t know much except its expensive and rare.

Other than pictures of other motos the ride is pretty flat fast and boring. Not the best terrain for a new knobby off road tire. Really killing its life expectancy.

Flat farm land, cows and straight road are what you get around here.

But it ends up being so so worth it. I was pretty tired after two long days on the bike and happy to have a place all lined up to stay.  A fellow rider that I have not met Johnny Hubbard was nice enough to offer to host me at his apartment.  Since I was just 2 months behind my predicted arrival he was off riding when I arrived.  Ironic we are put in touch by a mutual friend from New Zealand then I stay at Johnny’s place finally after many delays and I never meet him.  None the less we had chatted a bunch in text and I was so appreciative of his generosity.  Thank you so much Johnny and Juliana that greeted me and gave me keys when I arrived.  The next day I set up an afternoon tour of the Itaipu Binational Hydroelectric dam. Daaammmmmnnnn its worth it. (not the last of bad puns I bet)

Because there has been so much rain they had several of the spillways open. An impressive sight.

I will try to keep the dam picture count reasonable. Lots more pictures at the link below. Go to page 2ish

It is an impressive structure with some impressive stats. Paraguay sells the majority of its power back to Brazil. Paraguay is at 50hz and Brazil at 60hz. About 196 people died during its construction.

The project is highly regarded as a huge success because its bi-national and such a large scale. You will here a lot about what a great success and amazing project it is. They part of flooding one of the largest waterfalls in the world up stream and driving out thousands of Indigenous people is kind of left out. Still very cool to see and learn about.

How it all works

Some of the 20 generators. 10 for Brazil 10 for Uruguay.

Shaft of one of the generators.

Reminded some of the control room at work in the oil field. Made me think of some great people but no I did not miss work at all!

Paraguay/Brazil line on the floor. Same hallway half the signs for not smoking and the bathroom are in Portuguese and other half in Spanish.

Some pictures of pictures of the construction

Here is the wiki link if you want more information.


My inner nerd was in full effect and I really enjoyed the tour. Very interesting and just a project of massive scale. Be difficult to achieve such a project today with politics and cost.

But it was just a wetting of the taste buds compared to this.
Foz do Iguacu from the Brazil side

So big and hard to capture in pictures.

You will be absolutely soaked by the end of your visit but it is totally worth it. A very unique experience and tomorrow the falls from the Argentina side which is completely different. All the rain and bad weather has made the falls even more impressive than normal so that’s the one up side to lots of rain.

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