Running Down the Brazil Coast

While in Trancoso I did a day ride with no luggage or surfboard to Caraiva. What a unique and cool little town. Well worth the trip. To get to the actual town one needs to take a small boat across a river to access it and that is after over an hour down a dirt road.

Boat video  Check it out!!

The streets are sand and coastline endless. It happened to be really windy on the ocean side the day I was there but it was still really unquie and cool town to see. Time is almost standing still in this little town.

The ride out was pretty fast dirt and lots of fun. I took advantage of this to try the new tires with no luggage. Not my best footage but I was just having so much fun riding!! Maybe this video is more for me. Haha The dirt speed bumps made for nice little jumps.

Dirt road from Trancoso — 2 min off road video click away.
Not sure what this place is but I found it picture worthy! Maybe some type of animal sanctuary or park? Not really any signs just a big gate and cool giant and lifesize animals.  At least Ive never seen a lizard that big!!

Before going back to Trancoso I took a look at Arraial d’Ajuda. Just a quick ride around and an acai bowl. It ended up being a full day of riding with another early start and full day planned to Victoria. I had met a rider named Ferraz in Itacare that passed word to several of his friends South. I think 3rd or 4th person Andre contacted me through whats app. The rider community around the world has always been good to me. A common bond of bikes and traveling makes conversations flow quickly.

On they way to Vitoria

When I stopped for a lunch I saw this guy kind of inching or lurking closer and closer. The bike with Alaska plate was also getting more attention than normal. After a little bit I said hello and he asked me if I speak English and then the conversation started. He is Italian but has lived in Brazil farming for 40 plus years. He was a nice guy that was happy to talk English and about my trip. Antonio also is not very optimistic with the direction of Brazil politically and economically.  He offered me to stay on his farm but I had plans to me another rider in Vitoria. Antonio reads in English and other languages to teach himself the languages and keep the language skills he has sharp. Then a light bulb went off and he jumped is car and ran home. He had a couple of books in English that he wanted to give me. When he returned we took some photos and had a very sincere good bye. Maybe I should have stayed on his farm, he was interesting and very nice guy.

I didn’t have the heart to tell I have already “Who Moved my Cheese” twice but sometimes certain things don’t need to be said. It was a kind gesture and I just accepted with a smile and a hug.  Thank you Antonio!  Interactions like this are the exact reason I travel and why I travel by moto.

These are the books he gave me

Somewhere on the road to Vitoria

I had met a rider named Ferraz in Itacare that passed word to several of his friends south. I think 3rd or 4th party Andre contacted me through whats app. The rider community around the world has always been good to me. A common bond of bikes and traveling makes conversations flow quickly. I met Andre, his wife and Fernanda for some dinner, drinks and great conversation. Everyone spoke English well but they did all have a laugh at making me try to talk in Portuguese for a little bit. I of course forgot to take a picture of us at dinner but some how thought this picture of a chair made of tires was necessary. Sometimes I am not that bright.

After 2 nights in Victoria and watching it rain I left under more rain. All day rain! Sometimes hard, sometimes harder and very seldom not at all. I arrived at Daniel’s house (another rider that reached out to me) and he offered to host me. Stayed just one night with him before going to Rio for a few nights. I left my luggage at his house and took just a top bag so I could split lanes easily in Rio (totally legal and accepted practice). Then after some speed tourism of Rio it was back to Daniel’s for BBQ with some new friends that are also moto travelers.

Rio definitely is a unique city. It was hard for me to really wrap my head around its identity crisis or maybe its mix of characteristics. It has a laid back lazy beach vibe colliding with metropolitan madness. Wealth, success and technology tower over poverty and rudimentary survival. A way of life gone by that the city seems to be building around and on top of without much concern. Prices on things like food seem to vary wildly from street to street. Areas like Ipanema and Copacabana felt more manufactured than authentic to me. But they are safe for the most part so something is being accomplished. I am not in any way trying to bash Rio. The city does have an energy like no other if you get into the more authentic areas. The beaches are beautiful and kept clean right in the city. Pao do Azucar is not to be missed for stunning views. I enjoyed my time there and would to go bsck and explore the more authentic areas. I went to Lapa a couple times at night and that place has life to it like no place I have seen.

Sunset at Ipanema

The not so good of Rio

Funny story about Pao do Azucar (Sugarloaf). I wanted some excersie so I decided to hike and then I would take the tram down. Good thinking right? Wrong. You can only buy tickets for the tram at the bottom, station one. I ended up at station 3 by hiking. Station 3 is essentially the midpoint. Still stunning views but not the top or technically Sugarloaf (Pao do Azucar). Oh well I still got some good pictures and was over spending the time and money to go back up there by tram. So lesson here is if you want to hike buy your ticket at the bottom then hike.  Once again shafted by solid South American business model and logic.  There were many people that ended up in the same dilemma as I did.

It was a holiday and there was military ceremony happening.

The views

I haven’t checked this out but it might be worth it for better perspective.

Where I didn’t get to

I have mentioned the sidewalks in Brazil before and the trend of them being different and hand done continues. Yep all done one stone at a time by hand.

Watched this buy for a while. Carefully select each black stone for the design and then pound it in with a mini-sledge, then another. Back breaking tedious work in sweltering heat.

Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach

It was a fun and full 3 days 3 nights in rio.

Then a return to Daniels for the BBQ and big push to Foz do Igaucu a couple of days later. Here is all of the crew that treated me like an old friend. Was a really nice visit.

The beaches of Cabo Frio

And my awesome host Daniel. He is planning a ride to AK in 2018. Sounds like a long way off but it will be here quicker than he realiazes. Daniel is also the proud owner of a very well used surf board. I am glad it went to a good home!

Thanks to Daniel Andre Ferraz and everyone who was a part of my time in and around SPA/Cabo Frio. What a great experience and what felt a little like home for a few days.

I have been trying to put something thought provoking, inspirational or random at the end of my posts now. Saw this on social media the other day and thougt it was worthy.

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