Itacare Exit…finally

After many diversions, distractions, side excursions and beach attractions I finally got out of Itacar-stay. It is a great place and I made some great lifelong friends. There is a new post card perfect beach to be discovered around every corner and waves to ride at each of them. I know I say this a lot but I will return to Itacare. I don’t spend over 2 months in a place and not come back. It is and I think will stand as my longest stop to date. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to ride any more its just that the weeks slipped by. The state of Bahia has the beach mentality perfected. Tranquillo amigo and mañana, mañana. What’s one more day or one more week? Just chill and everything will work itself out. The vibe and reputation of Bahia is known all over Brazil. It’s a running joke about how people there just operate differently than other parts of Brazil.

Before I left Itacare I made a run to Ilhues, an hour south of Itacare to get my tires mounted, balanced and more importantly visa extended. My buddy Chef got a car for the day because he had things to and knew his way around Ilheus. I almost went on a solo mission with the bike on Friday but not a lot gets done on Friday in Bahia. So early Monday morning we were off and straight to the federal police to get my visa handled. I expected this to be easy because my friend Licia (Brazilian that speaks English) called on Friday and the guy said “no problem just have him bring in his passport and it will only take a few minutes.” We still decided to leave early just in case and because they are only open from 8-11 everyday. Yep 3 hours and first come first serve.

My girl looking a little sad and anxious to ride. I had no faith in the tires I had on there anymore. They had big cracks in them and were very worn. Probably had a little life left in them but the cracks full loaded made me nervous. I also a bad handlebar wobble at 45-50 mph and wanted to make sure it wasn’t another problem. So tires balanced were a must for me.

Most people in Itacare say how bad Ilheus is. Its not awesome but I don’t think its that bad of a small city either. Straight to Federal Police and I walk in with my passport confident that we can start to think about finding a place to get my tires balanced. I show the guy my passport and he looks at me and says “No”.
Me broken portugues Spanish mix):Umm wat do you mean no?!
Him(Portuguese): No. You need to do this form online then go to the bank and pay the bill once you print the form and then come back.
Me: No I called on Friday and the guy said no problem
Him: Scruggs shoulders. “Next”

Ahhh South America…

Quite irritated I leave and we go do all this. Internet café hard to find but that was the easy part. Bill printed and off to the bank. Oh yeah banks are closed because they are on strike!

Luckily Chef (Jamison) has a Brail bank card and the bill has a bar code on it. It can all be done through the ATM but not easily. After about 2 hours we get it all done and head back to the Federal Police with 30 min to spare. Guys stamps my passport and 2.5 hours later one errand done. Until this point I had defended Brazil and said its technology and processes are ahead of other South American countries. Its technology might be its processes are NOT! No logic no common sense. No forethought to pass information along to the person that needs it. But we got it done and were off to handle tires, have great sushi and see a little of Ilheus.

Celebratory cocktail, umbrella and all!

Ceviche with style. So good.

Very cool street art.

The church

My gringo friend Chef making it all happen. Without him a two day trip for me. And Fabinho Motos. The only place we could find to get tires done right. He did a good job and front end wobble completely gone once I put new balanced tires on the bike.

Marked the place on my maps app if anyone needs it.

And when you wanna be a gangsta!! You murder out your fiesta and fiat!! Flat black is true gangsta. Tough to take a pimped out Fiat and Fiesta very serious or believe that a person (or two) would take the time and money to do this.

After Ilheus with new sneaks and ready to go!  I went with the Metzler Karoo 3.  I will give my thoughts once I get some days on them.

Nice view for the ride home.

On the road a couple of days later. Surf board and all.

Headed South down the coast to Trancoso. A small and very unique town but I can already see as I go south cost goes up! I had forgotten how cheap I had been living in Itacare.

Brazil just doesn’t stop with the perfectly scenic beaches!! More of that to come!!

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