Itacare Highlights II

There is a reason why as of today Itacare is tied for the place I’ve stayed the longest. (Editors note: at the time of print actually 8 weeks) It’s a cool little beach town where the days just slip away. I have also met some great people so there is always company to check out another beach or surf spot. Today (Oct 10) is the 6 week mark!! I couldn’t believe it either when I figured it out. Before I took the time to figure out the dates I was getting antsy. Now after looking at that and with no waves to be found I am ready to go! One problem I am waiting on the tires I ordered to show up.

I had some lined up in Rio but after running around Itacare and its surrounding beaches for over a month I had no faith that my tires would make it to Rio. Also now my bike isn’t starting with every press of the start button. Not sure why, but I am sure its not something I want to dissect in Itacare. I have determined its not a battery issue. There is a BMW shop in Vitoria 800km away and that is where I will be heading as soon as I have my tires. Once again the moto community shows it strength and a guy from Vitoria that speaks English has reached out to me. Its funny because a guy named Luiz here in Itacre told his friends in Rio about me who then told Andre in Vitoria who contacted me. So should be little issues at the BMW shop in Vitoria with language barrier. Only thing to do now is leave Itacre…Much easier said than done.

Here is what has been happening the past couple of weeks!!

Started my day with a trip to the Sunday market

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Then blood moon super moon eclipse. Small gathering and bonfire on the beach!! I really don’t think it gets any better!

Video Link – click

Not so great phone pics but it is what it is.

I brought my tent along. Was funny to watch everyone take the little boat back to Itacare and say “You are really sleeping here?” Me “yes absolutely!”

This is where I woke up!!! Tent to ocean 7 seconds!! One of my most memorable nights and wake up of the trip!

Got a little something done for me and the bike:

The board rack concept. I drew this up and wrote some Portuguese words down that I though would be helpful. Immediately told him the pipe didn’t need be bent as shown and cut and welded would be better. I was originally hoping for a sleeved slide in/out rack design.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

But things started happening real fast at the welder so I simplified to this:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Believe in the hose clamp!!

Not quite as clean of a look but it does the job and was about 20 bucks. Now with the Mosko Moto side bag and one bungee cord I am good to go. Super quick and easy.

If I really need to pull the rack off its just a few hose clamp screws and a couple of minutes and no more rack. It really has been convenient to have the past few weeks. And it will be even nicer when I start really throwing down miles again.

Beware of Brazilian women! They do weird stuff like eat flowers! I am not sure why. I think it is a joke on gringos somehow haha


Video link click away

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Spent my time checking out the beaches around Itacare and surfing. Days and weeks just slipped by. I think with the beauty of these beaches its easy to see how time got away from me here.

Still pale

One of my last sunsets in Itacare

These little guys come to visit the hostel every once in a while. There is baby on mama’s back.

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To be honest I stayed in Itacare a little to long. I waited on tires and was enjoying myself but now I am crazy anxious to get going. I don’t regret any of it and once my tires arrived I had no more excuses.

Then my stomach problems flared up once again. For about a week I was limited on what I ate and where I went!! Haha I have tried everything for remedies and taken/heard every piece of advice. I am once again better but lost a little weight I had just put back on. I have accepted that every2 or so months I may have a battle royal with the belly. It is just part of my reality for this trip. Pretty minor really in the big picture of things. When I find an English speaking doctor I am confident in or even Spanish speaking one in some place developed (Argentina maybe) I may take another crack at diagnosis but for now acceptance is my medicine.

Oh a coupe of random pics of a little going away party

Look at that fish and foil potato bombs in the fire. Soooo gooood!!!!

Now I am once again healthy happy and ready to go. I will ride to Ilheus for a visa extension and tires to be changed then onto Vitoria to address a temperamental starter button and put on new chain and sprockets.

I am ready to ride. I am ready to see other parts of Brazil but have the feeling I will start moving quickly through to get south.

One of my favorite pieces of advice

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