Itacare Highlights Part I

Well the best laid plans are meant to be broken!! 3 weeks in Itacare had turned into I don’t even know how long now. Some of the people here jokingly call it Itacar-STAY!! I am living proof of that. I have been very lucky to meet some great people early and my time here and have had some great times! I have surfing a lot and seeing a lot of different beaches. Have some new tires headed to me here because I had such little faith in my current rear tire. So here we go my life in Itacare!!!

A view over the river! Not where I stay, I wish!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Sunset over the river

Marley’s Restaurant link here:é/837833562915957?sk=info&tab=overview

Serves great food and a very proper burger!!

A great night with great people and of course Marley the dog. Hence the name of the restaurant.

A short boat ride to Pontal for sun surf and beach BBQ

Handcrafted boat and sail!! Use what you have and get the job done.

Beach all to ourselves

Another sunset

Moto surfboard rack. A new updated version to come! One to travel distance with!!

Chilling at the Pousada on a Tuesday

Vinny, Tainara and myself having fun. A nice mellow night and thank you tianara for providing some great live music.

Video link click it
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This guy basically moved into my spare bed. Always sleeps with his head on the pillow. Its pretty funny.

Delicious fruit!

Watching part of the Patriots game with a terrible connection!! But it was a win!!

After 9 months I made an update to my wardrobe! Board shorts and rash guard. Pretty clear where my priorities are.

Kevin the owner of Marely’s picked up a new pup. Mya. So adorable and natural camouflage with the Marley’s furniture.

Marley and Mya having fun

I really enjoyed this picture!! Take it to heart and do things while you can!

More Itacare highlights to come!!!! And it gets even better!!

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