Lencois aka Chapada Diamantina and Itacare again!!

On the way to Lencois the GPS sent me the dumbest way possible. Took almost 2 hours to do 60km that could have been less than an hour on the main road. Gave me an opportunity to get some good pics though.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Normally I would be really excited about the off road but I had a big day planned and was more concerned about getting to Lencois before dark.

Lencois is the town and Chapada Diamantina is the area I think. And what a beautiful area it is. The region was once a major area for diamond mining and one of the wealthiest towns n Brazil. Lencois is one of the most charming and scenic towns I have been to in all my travels! It is also the jump off point to several amazing attractions. Waterfalls, natural pools, mountains and great hikes. I went for dinner that night and found the town very warm and friendly. They close the streets in the evening and the restaurants put the tables and chairs in the street. The restaurant I picked had a sports channel on and about half way through my meal a Warren Miller ski movie came on highlighting Alaska and showing Arctic Man. Was cool to get a little taste of home so far away in a random town in Brazil.

The restaurant had good food as well and is owned by Argentineans I think.

Lencois during the day

My first day in Lencois I did the hike right out of town to some nice swimming pools and waterfalls. I got lost for about an hour when I missed the trail and bush whacked through rough terrain and over narrow but deep crevices. Once I found the trail again it was pretty easy going along a nice river and lots of swimming opportunities.

These are the pools right out of town. Some are up to 10 feet deep and the water was so nice and cool. Great little spot to spend an afternoon.

Part of the trail I missed

I looked at taking a tour the next day because I am trying not to put extra miles on my tires. After checking some prices I realized that it would be less than half the cost to do it by moto. With a pic of a basic map I was off to check out 3-4 tourist stops.

The first stop was and Pratinha

The water is so clear and green. Absolutely amazing!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then Gruta Azul

This is how dry it is around these pools and waterfalls. Amazing they seem to spring up out of no where.

Saw this old Tenere in Palmerias. Checked out the town thinking it might have similar charm as Lencois. It doesn’t. Nothing bad about it just not the same appeal as Lencois.

The ride home

Poco Do Diabo

In the picture above there is a pousada(hostal) built into the rocks, above the grass roof that you can see. Looked very cool but I didn’t go in.

There was a lot more that I wanted to check out around Lencois but I really didn’t want to ride much off-road with my tire getting so bad. There is much more to see and I think some amazing dirt riding to be had to see it. Really hope to be back here some day but happy I got to see what I did.

From Lencois to Itacare

Was really disappointed that this picture didn’t come out better.

I think the bike will be safe tonight

Just north of Ilheus south of itacare.

Itacare sunset

No nets no grass no lines but maybe a perfect soccer pitch.

I have been hanging out in Itacare for about 3 weeks now. Getting my surfing groove back and really enjoying it again. Planning to start heading toward Rio early next week. Itacare has been good to my budget and I know the price only goes up on everything as I move south. Good waves good weather and great new friends here in Itacare will make another spot hard to leave but I am feeling the urge to keep moving. I think!

Side note: I am basically writing in real time at this point. Easy to catch up when my daily routine consists of chilling on the beach, surfing, chilling in hammock and watching sunset.


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