To La Paz and a nuevo bueno amigo

La Paz and a nuevo muy bueno hombre

Some things I did not mention about the border crossing were:
1. Even though I paid $160 they said the visa is only good for 30 days and you have to keep renewing. I asked seriously and they said yeah its easy just do it in any major city. (Luckily I got the guy to give me 60 days) Such a stupid system though. To me I got a 30 day visa
2. The moto visa is good for 90 days. They guy in the aduana said there is no issue leaving the bike and coming and going by plane as long as you are still in the 90 days. Mirko asked the question. Since they don’t stamp your passport with any moto info I wasn’t even going to ask.
3. Flying to Maine and coming back took care of renewing my visa and I plan to exit Bolivia befor the 90 days is up on the bike.

The ride from Copacabana is short mileage but takes most of the day with the ferry and riding around the city. We chose to ride around the city and come in from the South which takes a little time but is so much easier on the anxiety level. But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Coming out of Copacabana is beautiful. In my opinion the Bolivia side of Lake Titicaca is so much more scenic than the Peru side. The road was in good condition and there are many opportunities for photo stops. Once arriving at the ferry some of the usual suspects showed up shortly after us. We had drinks with the Adventure Trio in Copacabana and knew they were leaving the same day as us so we would probably see them.

Lake Titicaca Bolivian side

The views leaving Copacabana are amazing! Seemed like we were stopping every kilometer.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The ferry

At the ferry we ran into some of the usual suspects. Adventure Trio showed up just a few minutes after us.

Not a lot of pictures (or any) from after the ferry to La Paz. Just wanted to get there and I had told Oscar(our host) we would be there between one and two. We arrive at his house about 4, just a bit off the mark. After asking a neighbor if they know Oscar and where he lives he calls Oscar on his cell phone. We get some vague direction and eventually find him with the help of a local.

Here is one of the nicest and most giving individuals you will ever meet in your life!

A two day reorganization at Oscar’s place and then we were off for a two week loop to hit some of the highlights of Bolivia. The Germans dropped a lot of weight mainly because they carry and entire photo studio for their charity work. No projects for them on this loop so they were very light. I left behind my laptop and a few clothing items. Made me feel good to know that I am not really carrying that much extra.

The second night at Oscars with had a very nice dinner at his place with views of the city that might be unmatched anywhere else in La Paz.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Mirko and Caudia are here too.

The 2 week plan out of La Paz

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The reality is much much different! Its about to get very interesting!!

And for those that weren’t sure I am still playing catch up on the blog. This is all pre-vacation to Maine. Someday someday I will be in real-time again. Soon I hope.

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