Machu Picchu and off to Puno

A couple more shots of the ride to Santa Thersa

Near the Hydro Electrica. Bad picture but this waterfall is big

For other moto travelers doing the ride to Aguas Caliente. You can leave your moto at a hostel in Santa Theresa and take a cab to the walking point or ride the extra 10k (appox) and leave your bike with this guy.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The walk along the train tracks to Aguas Caliente was not difficult and had some nice views. I met 3 other people to hike with. Was fun to talk with others about their travels.

This picture means nothing without some explanation. This is a very rustic restaurant on the edge of the train tracks in the jungle. Sounds normal enough except that there are two flat screen TVs (both playing American Pie 2), a stereo blasting Gangster Rap and a bunch of tourists sitting around eating typical Peruvian food. A strange setting to say the least.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The walk along the tracks.

The bus ride up to Machu Picchu. I was in line at 4:45 and caught the 3rd bus.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And I wont beat a dead horse with tons of pictures. Everyone has seen many pictures of MP. I paid the extra $8 dollars to hike Machu Picchu Mountain. I am sure it is an amazing view but the day I went the weather was terrible and it was basically zero visibility at the top of MP Mountain.

The fact that the weather was pouring rain was another cruel blow from Peru. It was sunny and blue skies the day before and the day after. But even with not great weather it was worth it to me. I am glad I pushed to do it and checked it off my list. Machu Picchu is of course very touristy and largely reconstructed but the location is really amazing. My advice is if you have the desire to go, go soon. For my taste the scale is tipping to just too touristy.

After MP I stayed the night in Santa Theresa again and went to the hot springs, which are very nice. Don’t bother with the ones in Aguas Caliente. Up early the next day and made great time back to Cusco to meet Claudia and Mirko to ride to Puno.

Just another day at the office on the way from Santa Thersa to Cusco. I normally don’t like riding the same road twice but no issues doing this one again.

One night in Cusco then hitting the road in the morning for Puno with Claudia and Mirko.

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