Ayacucho to Cusco and other riders

Wheels rolling a little before 9 and all of us feeling better but I would say no one 100%. Just on the edge of Ayacucho we run into Claudia and Mirko asking for directions. Check them out at http://www.2ar.eu Now as a group of 5 bikes 6 people we head to Andahuyalas. Just outside of Andahuyalas is a nice lake that I wanted to camp near. Adventure trio was aiming for a hotel still dealing with a little illness so Claudia Mirko and I went and found a campsite.

Terry Sandy and Jack

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And now with Mirko and Caludia

It was a great campsite and of course I forgot to get any pictures. We did make a new friend that we named Waypoint.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It was nice to camp and we had a short day planned so we all just enjoyed the morning. Mirko has been having major stomach stuff and I think the morning we woke up camping was the pinnacle. Off to Abancay and get Mirko to a doc. We knew that adventure trio would be there and ended up at the Hotel next to them. For me I thought it was just a rest stop and then I would ride with Terry Sandy and Jack to Cusco. Mirko and Claudia were staying in Abancay a few days to do some work with kids. I woke up with the start of another fever and looking pretty damn pale. Mirko pale and holding his stomach looks at me and says you don’t look good you should just rest! Haha We are dropping like flies. I just wanted to get to Cusco where I knew I could chill and be within striking distance of Machu Picchu.

One pic of the beautiful ride to Cusco!
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Dragging ass all day, be it a short day, I made Cusco and took the first hostel with moto parking I found near the plaza.

My one pic I took the entire time in Cusco. It’s a beautiful city but my focus was on Machu Picchu and getting out of Peru. It was time for Bolivia.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I struggled for two more days as the fever intensified and then I’d reached my breaking point. For the third time in three months I went to the hospital. Ridiculous! I have been to the hospital 3 times in a year or probably 5 years!

What was planned as a nice 5 day ride to Cusco turned into a ten day fiasco of fever and short riding days. Good ol’ Peru still letting me know who is boss. With all the delays I was considering canceling Machu Picchu because my moto paperwork is getting close to expiring.

Explained to the doctor my long not so healthy story and she immediately said lets run tests. That was exactly what I wanted to hear because at this point I wanted to rule things out. 2 hours later, yup 2 hours, I had all the results. No Malaria, No Dengue and No Salmonella. Ok just some infection in my body and time for some more and different anti-biotics. Lets hope this works because I am riding to Santa Theresa tomorrow to hike to Machu Picchu village. I decided that rest and doing things that you are supposed to do aren’t helping its time to just push on. Well or not well just get it done.

The ride to Santa Theresa is beautiful. I wasn’t felling great but I was feeling better after that ride! I mean how can a guy think about being sick when you have this to look at!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Arrived in Santa Theresa tired but feeling better. Tomorrow the 8k walk to Aguas Caliente(Machu Picchu Village) then the but up to the see the ruins early early the next day.

Side note: America get it together!!! A bro mannequin of what’s guy sells clothes!!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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