Huancayo and Ayacucho

After the scene of the accident the ride then climbed into the high mountain plateaus and temperatures were dropping.

Came from

Going to

I was really starting to struggle at this point. I hadn’t eaten since them morning which was just bread and bananas. I guess the events of the day had really distracted me. Low energy, very high elevation and my cold turning into a fever I was looking forward to a hotel.

After some leg work and getting poured on by a last minute thunder shower I did find a place that would make do for a night or two. At this point my eyes felt like they were ripping out of my head and I don’t know what my temperature was but I was sweating one minute than shivering the next. A hot shower, nap, and day off the bike tomorrow. On the bright side my stomach feel ok! Haha

I took a down day in Huancayo and felt a little better but was just never warm anywhere except in the shower. I was at over 10,000 feet there and decided to make a run for warmer weather in Ayacucho to like my wounds once again. It was the right call because Ayacucho was warm sunny and the town actually had some charm unlike Huancayo.

Planned on two nights of relaxing, bike maintenance and seeing the town. On the second evening I sent a message to Terry of fame and figured out that they were only a day away. Originally they had planned only a night in Ayacucho but Sandy and Jack were also not feeling 100% either. I said I had no problem doing a 3rd night and so a push to Andahuyalas was set after a third night in Ayacucho.

Around Ayacucho
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Nice hotel with great parking 80 sols, which is under $30 bucks. Actually on my high end for Peru. Also only 1’2 a block from the palza.

Off to Andahuyalas tomorrow.

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