Parting Lima Shots and Cerro Azul

I am told the best ceviche in Lima! It was damn good!

Francesco having a good time! A quick rip on the moto

I had met several other riders in Huanchaco most of them heading north. The exceptions were Mirko and Claudia on VStrom 1000’s from Germany ( Then Terry, Sandy and Jack a family from California( on 2 BMWs. It was a quick exchange of information on the street but always good to have contacts.

As I kept extending my stay in Lima I checked Facebook and noticed that Mirko and Claudia were in Lima. I shot them a message and we made a plan to meet on Saturday night. We went and checked out the Parque de Agua (Water Fountain Park). I had been meaning to get to it but just never seemed to make time. It was cool and worth the trip there. I didn’t know that Terry Sandy and Jack were also in Lima and we met them at the entrance of the park. Was a fun Saturday night that Mirko, Claudia and I followed with checking out some live music. I am sure our paths will cross again.

Hey hey we are the Monkeys! Old TV reference

On Sunday afternoon I said goodbye to Francesco and was off to Cerro Azul just 2 hours away. It’s a very chill cool little beach town. I stayed here at Juanitio’s and the family that owns it is so nice.

View from hotel

My room. Very nice for the value and Peru

I didn’t think there would be any surf here and there was, so… knowing this would be the last time I see the coast for a while one night turned into two. I was also getting a little head cold so I thought a mellow beach day with surf and sun would be just what the doctor ordered.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Had a good time surfing and could have spent a week here but my moto paperwork expires June 11 and I have a lot of ground to cover. Off to Huancayo.

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