Lima a pleasant surprise!

The ride to Lima was not nearly as bad I was expecting. The traffic was less and the scenery was actual beautiful at times. Because I was trying to make good time I took very few pictures. This will be the last of I see of the desert for a while once I turn east to Cusco.

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I pulled over just outside of Lima to pee because I knew once I got into the traffic that option would be gone.
I don’t like deep sand especially when it’s a total surprise!

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The only way I could get it out. Push over and spin-o-rama

Back on the road 20 min later. Grrrrr

I met up with Francesco who I had met briefly on the road near Chacapoyas, in the small town of Lleymebamba. It was a quick conversation but he let me know that he owned a hotel in Lima and if I needed anything let him know. I ended up getting a package sent to his place and showed up to get about a month after I said I would be there. Haha. He keeps joking about my emails saying see you next week and then again see you next week. He had time to finish his trip of Northern Peru and then go to Europe to see family and be home by the time I got there. Surfing bug can kill a schedule.

Francesco and his wife Carmen are wonderful people and exceptional hosts. They do a great job with their B and B and it’s in a great area of Lima, Barranco. Francesco was another stranger that offered a helping hand and now I consider him a dear friend. A few late nights over beer and solving the world’s problems will do it! Last night we really got some major eternal questions and global issues resolved! They are swimming somewhere inside several large Pilsen bottles. Maybe another session is in order to unlock them? Haha Another time and another place I hope!

Truly two of the good ones in the world here!

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Had to put an even bigger smile on his face than he normally has! And this was before he went ripping around the block a few times.

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Casa Nuestra was full so I got Francesco’s friends apartment across the street. At first I was unsure of the apartment thing but I have really enjoyed. Francesco has treated me as an old friend he known for years. He keeps saying you are home here. Thank so much for the amazing hospitality. I will miss Francesco, Carmen and my little world in Lima that I have created.

Mike who I surfed with in Huanchaco and Chicama had a 12 hour layover so I told him to come hang out at the apartment I had. We met at the beach and made some new friends. People come together over really good ceviche.

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Two guys in the back of the picture are surf instructors in Lima and the girls had just had a lesson. A couple of Jersey girls surfing in Lima! Its almost the season at the Jersey Shore so I think they really just wanted to get their pre-tan on!! Who would of thought! Fist pumping and all. Fantasia and Star never really made it clear what they did but something with entertaining and late nights. I am open to anyone’s guesses! Haha inside joke.

CJ and Kris were a lot of fun so we made a plan to meet out that night for drinks. A younger guy, Gary from the surf school played tour guide for us. We ended up going to what was described as a Reggae concert on the beach just south of Lima. It was a very loose description. I would have called it a boy band concert near the beach. It was an interesting scene. When in Rome!

Not sure the girls wanted me in the pic, but I am!

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Our crew

I think I impressed some of the Peruvians that I can actually dance a little. Just enough more than the typical gringo. I have a couple of moves that are a big hit. CJ care to comment? Allegedly there is video!

It was a fun but very late night! Got a flat tire on the way home to cap off the night, which turned into another whole experience. A story for another time. I wish I could convince all of South America to shift their festivities two hours earlier!! Old guy talking. Its crazy how late people go out here and stay out.

Chilling on the beach with the girls the day they were heading to Cusco. I think a few days oh Jersey Shore questions for them were enough.
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They girls saying bye to Gary and me in the photo for color contrast. Testing the iphone capabilities.
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Good times with CJ and Kris! Enjoy Machu Picchu ladies!!

Some sights around Barranco. All pictures with an iphone because my camera was dead. Glad I carried it around all day dead. Note to self: Check battery before leaving hotel.

Been looking for something like this for months!
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Really good sandwiches and they seem to be open from breakfast to late night eats.

Lima has been a pleasant surprise and I really have enjoyed my time here. Lots to see and do and I took care of a lot of loose ends I needed. Boots repaired, pants taken in, added tool tubes to bike etc. A good stop where a few days turned into a week! Francesco I have to go!! No more “You can leave tomorrow!” haha

I must say life on the road is good right now and I hope it all remains in perspective. I am very fortunate and thankful to be where I am today. Things might only be improving. Machu Picchu here I come, the long scenic way!

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