Non Moto heads turn away! Let’s talk gear!!

Klim – Enough said. Absolute bomber gear. I had other “industry leading” gear last trip and it was over priced crap. Klim is well thought out and delivers day in and day out. Can’t imagine not having it during rainy season of Peru!

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Head to toe covered in mud and rain, pouring rain every day for 2 weeks! Always dry and ready for the next day.

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Mosko Moto – The Klim of luggage. Not sure they will love that reference since they are proto-typing riding clothing currently but let me explain. Right now for available adventure jacket and pants I think Klim has set the bar. Other gear is aiming for Klim because they are the top dog. Mosko is the new standard for soft luggage (luggage overall in my opinion). For me there is no hard soft luggage debate. If you do any off road at all use soft. Again my opinion based on my riding experience, style and trips I am doing. Never say never but I’d be shocked if I ever run hard side cases again. I even struggle with a hard top case anymore. I will probably be switching my Pelican case to Mosko bag once I am in a position to do so. For me hard luggage has far more cons than pors (good for stickers I guess, but I don’t sticker my bike much). Even a hard rear case it takes every bump and vibration and sends it through the case and everything in it, like my laptop.

Mosko bags are really well thought out and there is really nothing lost going from hard cases to these bags. The wedge system for them coming off and on is insanely convenient and simple. There is plenty of storage and places to strap things. Pete and Andrew are riders and use/abuse this stuff before production. I am very impressed so far with the product and the guys behind it. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for riding gear!

Field tested!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Moto Skiveez – Thanks to Shawn for saving my ass, literally. I’ve put in some very long hard days and the extra comfort of purpose built underwear meant for riding is a huge plus. The best analogy is a better thought out, better designed mountain bike shorts for motorcycles. Understating it but no other way to describe them.

BUT!!!! I think his underwear biz could take a back seat (pun intended) to his new product. I was lucky enough to get a prototype. The moto sock!! Love em!! Why? Because they are awesome that’s why! They dry quick, are super comfy, have some compression effect to them, and take up less space than my other socks. Shawn if you want to ship more to Peru I will give away my other moto socks!! Haha I am wearing the Moto-Skiveez socks about 3 to 1 or more over the other socks I packed. It would be more but I need to wash them once in a while!

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The production socks will not be white. That was literally the only improvement I suggested and he was way ahead of me.

As with his shorts they are so well designed. They are also made with aloe in the fibers which has a lot benefits. I have always struggled with finding the right sock and typically use different thickness MX socks. It’s what has worked for me but never really quite been the right answer. Problem solved. Thanks again Shawn. Contact him to learn more, he has done his research!

Sprocket 67 – I have yet to use my camping gear and sprocket 67 tent on this trip but it will be getting a lot of use soon. Very soon. Almost forget I have a tent it packs so small. Scott is also a rider and building a product for riders.

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The bike F8GS– Happy with my choice 100%. I struggled with my choice to a point of stress before I left and really wanted to use the 690. I know, I know a very good problem to have. 690 or F800. The 690 for me is not the right choice for this trip. My opinion based on my knowledge and experiences. Not here for a debate on the matter just how I feel. I would and might own another F800 and/or 690 someday. Different bikes for different applications. I have other rides that are on my short list and the F800 is not on the list for either but the 690 is. Not the only one on the list though. I am not blinded by brand letters or colors. I use what I feel fits the ride and the budget the best. Its no secret the BMW doesn’t come cheap but I feel its reliability and the amount of time I have owned it, I have gotten the value. Since I am currently unemployed the budget for the next ride could be very different. Might be on a Chinese 150. They sure run them hard down here!

Please post any questions you might have for me or on the gear as they may help other riders. I am an open book. No one is sending any checks my way for anything so I feel my opinion is unbiased. I would give an honest assessment even with checks coming in, after I cashed it of course haha. I have made mistakes when choosing gear and equipment. This isn’t the most inexpensive passion to have so if I can help someone save a few pennies, then mission accomplished.

3 thoughts on “Non Moto heads turn away! Let’s talk gear!!

  1. totally agree on the KLIM gear, it is awesome. i got the touratrap compañero and i’d take the KLIM stuff every day for it now … don’t agree with the soft luggage though 😉 but that’s kind of a “religious” question


    1. You are right on the soft bag/ hard case discussion. I think I could argue for hating puppies with less backlash from the moto community!!! I would encourage you to go to Mosko Motos website though and take a look. a very solid product!!


      1. definitely one of the names i’ll keep in mind. first hand experience is worth so much more than any kind of reviews you can read.


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