Other rider pass through and Adios Huanchaco

Sometime between all this surfing 3 other riders heading North stopped in and stayed a few days. A couple from South Africa, Matt and Megan, and their friend Martin. All great people and I had a lot of fun chatting with them. They ride hard and get off the beaten path. To bad we are heading in opposite directions!

Matt saw the picture of the meat bowl in my blog. I get a text later from him asking “Where is that place with the meat? I need to go there!”

Matt and Megan from South Africa
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Step one: intimidate the meat bowl!

Later that night they took some time to give me some highlights of things to see south. A very in depth discussion over maps. We all take this very serious! Haha

Martin from Italy is on the right. He met Matt and Megan on the road and has been traveling with them for a while.

Thanks for all the great information guys. They were a lot of fun and seem to really be enjoying their ride to the fullest.

Its not all fun and games on this trip or beer and surfng! Some how I managed to get a slow leak on the off-road ride with Julio. I looked and listened, listened and looked but nothing. So after the second person suggested a big bucket of water and I replied the same with the same smartass comment as I did to the first: “It would have to be a pretty big bucket.” The M’s – Martin Meagan and Matt were also in the garage at the hostel working on their bikes and Megan pointed to a big blue tub and said: “Will this work?”
Yes, yes it will. It’s basically perfect. Found the little persistent leak and opted not to plug it because to use a plug I would need to make a hole ten times the size. It was very small but a steady leak.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
At the tire shop the next day getting it repaired from the inside.

Tire all fixed up at the shop, chain adjusted, rear case remounted etc. All minor life on the road stuff. It felt very nice to get it all done though and know I can now leave when I am ready.

The tire fix and moto maintenance day all got done because I took the day off from surfing to rest. During that one off day off from surfing Eduardo and I planned another trip to Chicama with a Zodiak rental to drop us off on the waves. Eduardo was also feeling almost normal and wanted to get a day in at Chicama with his A game. I was an easy sell on the whole idea. Mike from California had checked into our hostel so we invited him along. The boat is 3 hours of catching a lot of waves and paddling to stay in position because of the current. At the end of that those 3 hours I was dead tired and absolutely pumped. Just doesn’t get much better than this.

Us after the boat dropped us off! What a day!! Lots of zinc because I am very pale. I sunburned my eyes a little but it was totally worth it.


Figured this sweet set up out because I refuse to take buses when I have a moto. Worked amazing!! Board never budged a bit even hauling ass down the highway. It also didn’t cause the bike to handle different and still a nice gap to put my right foot down. Took Eduadro and Mike over 2 hours by bus and me about an hour. Moto Life is good!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Towels makes it look a little white trash but keeps the straps from rubbing the board. People where loving the set up. The bike usually gets looks but this was stopping people in their tracks. A random guy took ths pic for me.

Bungee mesh was an unnecessary security measure but a welcome feature that I could dry stuff on the ride home. There are fleeting thoughts of bailing out on the moto trip and being a surf bum for the next few months. Fleeting!

This is what causes those fleeting thoughts.

Chicama May 2015 from Joshua Smith on Vimeo.

In case embedded video link doesn’t work.

So far the motorcycle trip has really been a surfing and healing trip with a few weeks of epic Peru mountain riding splashed in. I am hoping the healing aspect is behind me. Mike, Eduardo and I all surfed Huanchaco, yesterday, the day after Chicama. So tired and took a needed rest day to handle computer stuff and pack. Yep that’s right. Pack to leave. Eduardo took off early this morning and there is really no swell right now. A good time hit the road. It will be a long day of riding the dreaded Panamerican to Lima. I truly hate that road. Its dangerous boring and to me not the kind of road I want to be on ever but especially for a moto trip. The road is actually in great condition but it’s the horrible Peruvian drivers, all the traffic but especially the trailer trucks and buses. Oh well I only have to do it for a day then back to the mountains.

Thinking I was ready to go and doing a final once over while I as putting lubricant on the chain and just didn’t like the way the tire and sprocket were rotating. Pulled the tire off put it back and thinking something was just misaligned. It looked a little better but still not right. Ok off it comes again. Irritated because I wanted to have the bike packed and go to bed for a very early start in the morning. Took a closer look at things and some of the rubber vibration dampers in the right side of the hub were rolled up on their side not letting the hub seat flat. Glad the problem was simple and my wan fault for not keeping a closer eye on the tire guy. I know better but walked to a nearby welding shop to get something else fixed. Having that out of whack would have crushed my chain and sprockets life span. All good now and I was wheels rolling before 730 am! Good bye Huanchaco, Chicama and epic surfing. Ugh from the beach to a huge city!

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