Huanchaco end is near and health update

No post for about ten days!!! Let me get to the most asked questions in text email and Facebook.

Most asked question: “Are you alive?” Or “How are you feeling?”
Yes I am alive and well.
I have gotten blood work and poop analysis results. No revelations except that I have some high bacteria counts. I am on medication to help restore my flora. That is the only medication I am currently taking and I am very happy about that. Tired of having different meds thrown at me. About another week of this stuff and I am done with meds for a while I hope. Today is 2 weeks and one day of feeling pretty much normal. Minor stomach sensitivities early in my recovery but that’s to be expected with all the issues I had. I’m eating whatever I want these days and that is damn nice.

Me and the boys out for what we dubbed a meat dinner! We had some other dinner company but this bowl of meat really stole the show. Haha jk Sol, Jenny and Kasia. It’s a four person dish but Martin, Eduardo and I made short work of it.

A nice little bfast
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“Where are you?” That’s an easy one: Huanchaco, Peru still.

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The tallest skinniest restaurant in the world. My own statistic. It really flows with the existing skyline!

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And lastly “What have you been doing?”

I have doing lots of stuff. Hanging out with some really great people.
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Victor, Martin and me. Victor works at the surf shop a rent from and has become a good friend. Over the top nice guy.
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Checked out some ruins with Martin and Kasia. Blurry pic. It happens. Oops
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I actually forgot the name of these ruins. They were good but the tour guide made it longer than it needed to be.

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On our way out. The big hill next to Martin and Kasia is another site. Often two were built. One of the sun and one of the moon. The other site hasn’t really been unburied at all yet.

A nice day of exploring and feeling normal some cool stuff.

A few days later Martin and Kasia arranged a ride with a local guy named Julio that they met in Trujillo. A really nice guy who loves motos and showing people the area.

He took us to El Brujo the site where a tattooed woman mummy was found. This was a very big discovery and gave a lot of information about the Moche people. This site is not easy to get to. Which is a shame because it is extremely well done with a great little museum there with the mummy lady in it. You are not allowed to take pictures in museum. They have some amazing artifacts and of course the mummy lady tattoos and all. The site is also super nice with much less intrusive structures covering it than other sites I have visited.

All of us dorking it up! But all feet are off the ground!

I wasn’t informed of the bending the knees trick to look like you have more ups until after.

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The museum. Looks a bit like a prison or bomb shelter but it is so nice. The mound in the back ground is another site. One for the moon one for the sun.

Very similar carvings and artwork to the previous set of ruins. Really detailed and amazing how much of it still exists.
Jenny doing her best impression of the ancient depiction of the gods.

The boys and their bikes, obviously checking out something very critical to the right.

Martin takes everything very serious!

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I have talked to a lot of other bloggers recently. Other riders and travelers keeping blogs. It seems that everyone but me is post processing pics. My goal always to capture it as I see it in the moment. I might start getting into the post processing game a little. Other peoples pics just pop compared to mine. My first pic not from the moment it was snapped. It’s a post processing world now it seems.

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Thought I got one normal of all of us but nope. Not sure we could get all 5 of us to act normal for a pic! Which is something I am happy about. Everyone in this pic and that I have been hanging out with lately and is really enjoying life.

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more what I have been doing to come…

The fun times continue!

3 thoughts on “Huanchaco end is near and health update

  1. The Site detailed by the pictures above is I believe Senora de Cao. The men marching along in the line with a hand on the shoulder of the one in front are being led to slaughter after being drugged as sacrifice.
    So, what restuarant in Huanchaco serves that barbeque?….it looks quite good….!


    1. To bad I didn’t notice your comments before I left Huanchaco. We could have met up. The site was Huaco del Sol and lunes. Only one site is able to be visited. I don’t know the name of the resto but it’s on the water front street on the north end of town. A little past billy bar. It is good. Very good


  2. oh,, and just to say,,, when suffering stomach upset or distress a product called ‘Relcer’ is inexpensive and gives immediated relief. It is not a drug and not really a medicine / it is licorice in chewable tablet – herb licorice is known to be good for that as is ginger also…thus ginger ale, when your sick…


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