Cruel Cruel Irony! Still in Huanchaco.

As often happens the irony of life writes a better or at least very different script than I had in mind!!

My thoughts were to leave 2-4 days after that last post getting in a last few surf sessions. The day I wrote that last post I was almost giddy with how good I felt and the phrase that kept repeating in my head was “I am back!” Even had thoughts of getting in some light workouts in between surf sessions.

9 hours after that post at about 3 in the morning I was writhing around in bed with severe cramps and a fever. No vomiting this time so I guess thats a positive but all the other usual suspects were there. Sweating, cramps, diarrhea and not sleeping. I spent 24 straight hours in bed(didn’t even do that with the food poisoning in Caraz) and most of the next day basically laying around too. A good chance to mention Naylamp Hostel and Camping if I have haven’t. A great place with a wonderful staff. Very friendly helpful people and they have rooms from 55 soles down to camping. A great set up with two kitchens. One to cook in and one to order from. The food is simple but the kitchen is always spotless and I am confident in everything they prepare. I could be having stomach issues in much worse places!

I had another amazing person that kept checking on me and making sure I was ok. Cant say thank you enough to Eduardo. His kindness knows no limits, more to come on that later. I will say though with all this getting sick maybe I just need a cute nurse on retainer to ride along! Currently accepting applications. Haha

One of the days I thought I was healed

After getting up and about a little on day two(Friday) and really moving almost normal day 3(Saturday) I made a decision that I am going to a proper doctor on Monday. Eduardo immediately said he would stick around to make sure I am ok and translate for me at the doc office. I told him I’d be fine and could do it but he looked at me and said “Anyway, I am not in a hurry so I will stay!” I conceded and know that having a translator for a medical situation will be a huge help!

Right now it has been the generosity of strangers and new friends that keeps me motivated. I don’t have nearly the energy that I normally do and I am not really enjoying the trip the way I should be. This became really clear when I was showing some other moto travelers some videos I made from my last trip. It just hit me, Wow I am not having nearly as much fun! All I want to do right now is get healthy and correct the fun factor. I understand the opportunity and challenges that I have in front of me and still want to do it all, but I want to do it at 100% or at least damn near it.

Even though I am all pissing and moaning right now things could be worse. I have met some great people and I am still having plenty of laughs.

A dinner with friends. To many people to name. It was delicious!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Lucas from Chile leaving
Left to right Jenny, Kasai, Me, Lucas, Martin and Bryan. Kasai and Martin are two up on a DR650 and Bryan riding a Yamaha 125 or 150.

Made it to the Doc on Tuesday instead of Monday and confirmed my two things I suspected. One I have lost just about 15 pounds since leaving the states and two I have and infection. All definition and muscle I had developed at the gym before leaving and surfing so much in Montanita are gone. But I am optimistic because the doc was immediately saying we need to indentify the infection and then we can treat for it properly. Got some blood taken and then just 3 days of pooping in a cup. After that I hope to have answers Friday or Monday. The results also come electronically so I can send them home to my Doc or post here for everyone for some light reading!

And as I was typing this send young Bryan off on the route I took here. I will probably run into him again down the road. Good Luck buddy!

3 thoughts on “Cruel Cruel Irony! Still in Huanchaco.

  1. Man I was just sitting here thinking that I hadn’t seen a follow up post on what had happened. Hope it’s somethi by easy and you get back on the road soon!


  2. Sorry to read that you are ill … THRILLED to read you visited a Dr. and that there might be a remedy SOON! I suggest that you make a decision to “plant” yourself for a few weeks … perhaps the universe is telling you to b still for a reason … might be a cute nurse trying to catch up with ya eh!!! Carry on Kiddo ((( ❤ )))


  3. Huanchaco ! I live here…. many times speaking with people who plan on passing through Huanchaco and getting on with their adventure often stay much longer than they had originally planned. Ditto, with folks who say they have returned….
    Huanchaco is i r r e s i s t a b l e !


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