Sun surf and GI corrective action – Huanchaco and Chicama

The past couple of weeks have been spent mainly chilling and surfing in Huanchaco. A cool little beach town that is a spur off the Pan American so there is NOT just a steady flow of traffic through it. Been giving the bike and stomach some TLC.

After a lot of googling I went on a bread rice and fruit diet for about a week. I was eating basically at two places. Naylamp Hostal and Camping where I have been staying and Otra Cosa Café, a vegetarian restaurant next store.

Good place to be on a heavy fruit intake. I think places got sick of my questions on cleaning methods for the fruit.

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I was pretty committed to that for about a week and cooking my grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta. All seemed well so I started to branch out to fresh grilled fish, pizza and a little grilled chicken. Now after two weeks I have even ceviche several times and at this point pretty much anything you put in front of me.

Like this place that was closed for a week for remodeling, but I waited them out! Not missing a spot called Chocolate Café! It did not disappoint. No pics of the food just take my word for it.

I really enjoy Huanchaco. The size and the speed suit me well and the fact it is a nice left hand break right in town.

From the top patio of Nylamp

And from the beach

Caballito de totora are these small thatched boats that the locals still use today to fish out of every morning. They crazy locals even ride the waves in on these things! Speculated to be some of the first surfers in the world.

I think the foam is more of a modern day mod.

Here is some more info on Huanchaco and Caballito de totoras if you are interested.

I ran up to Puerto Chicama for a few days while the swell was good there. 3 nights at Inti Surf Camp, which is a great chill spot. Rafa from Germany was traveling around on a big surf vacation and is now managing the place for the next 6 months or so. Couldn’t ask for a better host! Great guy! Here he is with Jenny who is a big help there and serves up a nice breakfast after a surf session.

Inti Surf

From the patio of Inti Surf Camp

Life is good

Felix and Eduardo from Spain also hanging at Inti Surf.

Really nice guys and Eduardo and I are now back in Huanchaco to catch some more waves. Rudolfo from Portugal was the only other guy at Inti. No picture but it was a nice chill vibe in the house. I had a couple of tough days on the waves and all the guys were nothing but encouraging. Went to a long board for the last day and left after a nice session.

Thanks to Rafa and all the guys for a great stay. Easily could have passed a week or two there but I need to be aware of my expiration deadline on the moto paperwork. Still lots to do in Peru. Lima Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Back at Huanchaco

Leaving here in two days. I am not excited for two days of dodging buses and Mack trucks down the Pan American but it was worth it to come back to the coast. Good place to relax and recover as well as get in lots of good surfing. Speaking of which gotta run off to catch the even session.

One thought on “Sun surf and GI corrective action – Huanchaco and Chicama

  1. The reeds of the reed boats after a short time become waterlogged and lose their buoyancy. The longevity of these boats I have been told is a few short months. I think the addition of styrofoam is a good idea…. still,,, not quite the “Boston Whaler” but it’s a start….


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