To the coast for sun surf and rest. Caraz to Huanchaco

Took a short hike yesterday but still not a 100%. Was feeling sluggish and driained for obvious reasons. After 3 nights I decided it was time to go feeling 100% or not. The weather was good and I wanted to take advantage of it. As I left I was still feeling week and at times light headed and really waffled on my decision. I just stared at the sky for a long time then decided, no rain, I’m going!

Great view from Los Pinos. Catcus and snow capped peaks.
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As I rode up the opposite side of the valley away from the snow capped peaks looking at the amazing scenery, I was feeling pretty good and fortunate to be where I was. Epic views of the mountains and oceans always have an impact and draw on me and I’m sure many others. Sun was shining and things were looking good but I was riding with a noticeable lack of confidence. I never like to ride feeling that way, especially riding in foreign countries. The drivers are aggressive and I think you need to have you’re “A” game at all times.

I even get pics of me when its sunny. A little rest less than an hour into the ride.
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Still feeling weak and the vulnerability of having been so sick were affecting my state of mind. Even though my illness was obviously not related to riding at all it still carries over. I knew today would be a long day and I was just wanted make it through without regressing physically. Given my nature to over think things and my lengthy, numerous and well documented GI issues this trip, I even thought another round like the last two days and I think I would call it quits. I have lost a fare bit of weight and know that I am much weaker than when I started the trip. I don’t have the reserves and conditioning I had worked hard to achieve before I left for this ride. It’s important to be strong and healthy for the situations when the bike gets dropped awkwardly downhill or is stuck in the mud on the pouring rain. Good physical condition transfers to good metal condition. The vulnerability lets doubt creep in from all directions. To be my profound and articulate self: Being sick all the time just sucks and sucks even more on the road!

Where I came from over the top of the valley from Caraz. Some dense fog and low clouds but no rain.

A little chilly up here but still nice
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Where I am headed. The ocean is that way somewhere

Rode this valley from side to side almost all day.

No pic but right before this mountain desert I went through a tropical Costa Rica like area.

Mountain Desert
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Then to massive dunes of the coast.

Chimbote and yes those are all boats thousands of them. I was also told this is a major salt producing area.

And more massive dunes as far as you can see! Aaron where is the KTM 450 with the sand tire when I need it!!

Luckily today I got a gift from Peru in the form of no rain, a great day of riding and reaching my destination without any out of the ordinary obstacles. I passed trough so many different landscapes in one day I was completely shocked. Areas that reminded me of Colorado and Utah, other psections of Mexico and Costa Rica and then some landscapes I have only seen in Peru. No real off road but one of my most scenic and enjoyable days in Peru. From a riding perspective the last week of riding has been really amazing and I’ve had some good weather.

I am banking on sun surf and bland eating to put me back on the right track and back to normal health.

2 thoughts on “To the coast for sun surf and rest. Caraz to Huanchaco

  1. Driving In Peru ! definitely dangerous,,, from poor road conditions to gross road hazards. Unrailed Cliffs, no road shoulders and no postings. Many are unpaved.
    Worse, the drivers,,,, no road courtesies exist here, it every man for himself.

    a quote from:

    Peru Traveler Article:
    Peru: Driving in Peru

    It’s not a good idea to drive in Peru.

    Driving in Peru should be considered as an “Extreme Sport”

    The driving rule here is that the bigger you are the less you follow the driving rules.


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