Llata to San Luis and then to Caraz with a little sun splashed in!

I knew this had the potential to be a huge day of all off-road so wheels were rolling at 730am to a balmy 43 degrees. Out of Llata I chose the longer way to San Marcos. My map nor GPS showed the other road even though now I realize it is the more traveled. After just a few min of riding. Probably where I should have had my morning coffee and soaked it all in. Instead I ate bread and bananas next to my bike in Llata. I still get the view though

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I had sunny to mostly cloudy for a while then really started to climb in elevation. It was all clouds and some rain but it never really hammered me. I was on a pretty remote road around Punos and felling pretty small. Past there it was high elevation plateau riding where I didn’t see another vehicle for hours, only sheep herders, their very modest homes and Llamas. Getting a little perspective on nature and its size.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Throughout the day the rain kept flirting to just start dumping but I largely avoided it except for about an hour long shower. 40 something degrees and rainy wasn’t what I was looking for so was happy to sneak away with just one minor soaking. Right after the rain I started to drop in elevation and was dried out by the 60 and sunny. Just another day in Peru. Mountains and valleys as far as you can see.

Different valley view. Behind the bike and to the left I think is where I came from in the other pictures.

Coming into San Luis and not looking good. The weather did hold off for a few more hours but the rain did come that night.
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Landed in San Luis about 230. My next option for a town was about 2 hours away on all dirt roads. Just didn’t have it in me after 7 hours on the bike already. Weather looked real dark in that direction too. Heading over a very high pass tomorrow it will be interesting .

San luis to Caraz

Had I known that via the paved route Caraz was only sixty miles and that the paved routed start 2km from San Luis, I would have pushed on. Yep 2km. But I had been on the bike for almost 8 hours already and all of it dirt so I was ok with being done. The reason why I would have pushed on is that I still had mostly sunny weather and couldn’t guarantee that for tomorrow. Who knows if the high pass was sunny or not but I would have seen more sun than I saw today, I can promise that!

Woke up to very steady rain and waited on it until 9am and then decided to go for it. Had it been sunny I was going to take the longer dirt route but once I saw even the 2km of dirt I rode there was no way. A muddy slippery mess. Pavement for me today and slow wet travels on pavement at that.

I had pretty harsh weather all the way over the pass. Still took some pics and can only imagine how awesome it would be to see in the sun. Snow-capped peaks and glaciers. Oh well we have those things in AK! Haha

My ride up and over
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The road is good pavement but with landslide hazards and switchbacks. Would be great fun with dry weather and visibility. Things really started to improve down the other side.

These guys were all twitchy and kept coming closer so I made sure I always had the bike between me and them.

Where I came from and what I rode through.

Smooth sailing from here

And to my digs at the Los Pinos Lodge in Caraz. Uptown for me at 140 sol per night but it came highly recommended. I also knew they had good parking and what the heck one night and maybe good wifi to update the blog.

This nice hotel for what I thought would be one night would turn out, unknowingly, to be one of my best decisions so far in the trip!!!

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