Huanuco to Llata. The sun gods smile on me!

Running around Huanuco

These little unpowered 3 wheel death traps are everywhere and no driver test required to drive one. Just purchase the license from the city. They are similar to Tok Toks in Thailand but way more gutless

This orange big box construction supply store felt oddly similar to a place Ive been before hmmm. Needed some rubber gloves for all the rain and to replace a cheap leatherman. No dice on the multi-tool.

A view from Tody and Sarah’s rooftop.

And here is another project that he is working on with the help of handicap students. He teaches the trades needed to do such a build and the end product fits a real need. Its called the Cayman and is a tractor specially designed for the Amazon jungle. It has a PTO to operate other necessary farming implements and will also be fully buoyant to travel around in flood conditions. Very cool stuff.

Jamie is actually a student of Toby from years ago. Toby and Jamie sending me off
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

An easy day planned for my departure from Sarah and Toby’s. Didn’t get rolling until ten but like I said a low mileage day and left to sunny skies. The road was one lane paved curves for part of the day and then back to the off road of Peru. The ride from the turn to La Union to Llata was absolutely amazing! Stunning scenery, sunshine and fun off-road. I got sprinkled on for a few minutes then the road took a hard left away from the showers and that was it. A short easy day filled with sun, couldn’t ask for anything more.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

That bridge looks like it has a sag to me

Stopped and helped these kids with their moto. The choke lever was stuck up on the carb and for some reason the airbox wouldn’t connect to the carb anymore. There was a gap we couldn’t close.

Tried to get all of us but just got the gringo damn it!


And look close yes that is duct tape connecting the carb and airbox. Told them it would get them home but they need a better fix. That tape might be there for years


Looking good ahead

A nice short easy day to good dry off raod and sunshine! Where is the adventure in that haha. Its amazing what an affect sun and not pouring down rain has on me.

This little guy liked the bike because his Dad and some others were checking it out. I told him to climb up and then let him start is and rev it a bit. Pic doesn’t show it but he was all smiles.

And the plaza in Llata

Cool little mountain town

I got a little street meat. Was tasty! I will learn a valuable lesson soon on this…

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