Toby and Sarah. Jamie strips down my girl.

The next day he was a little deeper into it and we were finding a few more broken things. A very gentle impact, but an awkward place to hit. Coincidently and not useful at all I did install the upper Alt rider crash bar to mount fog lights to and protect the already cracked upper front fender. The dirt bank worked right around that and impacted the fender directly and side fairing where the little windscreen attaches.

Looks more badass now I think…

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Things to be fixed

Frontend plastic
Broken weld on Alt Rider crash bar
Rear luggage system fix
Front fender fix
Center stand fix

All more or less cosmetic or aftermarket stuff. Nothing mechanical. Just a fatigue over time and stuff will eventually fail. A few crashes and drops may or may not have aided in those failures.

Toby and Sarah are both amazing people who have spent their lives giving to others first. They do a lot of work with handicap of Peru. They are part of an organization that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to learn a trade and start to make some revenue, by either getting employed or starting their own business. The trades vary but include welding and baking. Their organization taught one individual who was bed ridden to weld from horizontal position. That is just one of their many success stories. Amazing and very powerful stuff. I got to see some photos of past work. They don’t really publicize because the organization doesn’t want to exploit the people they help. They do document though in order to aid in gaining future funding. I was lucky enough to see some of the very impactful photos and work that they do.

It was very comfortable and easy to stay at Toby and Sarah’s. Their place quickly felt familiar and they like old friends. It seemed that we all had very busy days and I enjoyed our meals together. I think they are always on the go like that giving their time wherever it is needed. I spent my days washing my mud covered gear and trying to catch up on the blog. Toby and I also made time to talk about routes and go over maps. His knowledge of South America is amazing and of Peru in second to none. He can give you epic dirt tracks to keep you busy in Peru for a lifetime. He also does moto rentals and is even willing to do pick and drop off at different locations. So if you a person wanted to do part of a big trip with a friend or just explore Peru.

A little Birthday celebration for Jamie. Toby and Sarah are the two gringos in the pic haha. Sorry Toby for the pic being mid-bite. Guess I should have warned people I was taking a pic.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Jeff the neighbor brought by some booze from the jungle or something.

Sarah had been working with a lady in her 60’s that has two adult disabled sons. To make ends meat she has taken on teaching several young kids, 16 I think. She is getting paid 200 soles a months which is about 65 bucks. Suspicously underpaid and Sarah was trying to figure out why. The little brick mud house she lives in and teaches in doesn’t have any windows. Someone was nice enough to donate a window frame to her so Toby, Sarah and I went up to her place to start the installation. It involved chopping by hand through about 18 inches of mud bricks.

Site visit to see what the deal was
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In about 5 hours Toby and I managed to get a nice hole chopped in above where the window would go to install a 76” long, 3” thick board as a header for the window. The lady was already mixing mud for us before we had the header board installed. We mudded it in and needed to let cure for several days before the window could finish getting cut in. We were both covered head to toe in brick mud dirt but well worth the effort. Letting some light in that house will be monumental for that lady, the kids she teaches and her sons.

The board

Peruvian lumber yard. Wood if from the jungle and some of it is very very heavy

On our way to the job

Tools of the trade

Bandidos hard at it

well at least one person was hard at it.

And the sweet lady. Senorita Primitiva

I could write for pages about my stay with Sarah and Toby. It was a very inspiring stop and good for the soul. It is truly amazing all that they do and their approach to life. On top of all that it was good for me to be off the bike for a few days and recharge my batteries. Showed up as a random motorcycle traveler and feel like I left with close friends.

Thanks again Toby and Sarah

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