Dirt nap, Mud Nap actually! Rondos to Huanuco

A pretty mellow day planned. Pretty much all off road but a very reasonable day. I had ridden pretty hard yesterday and I think been on the bike 9 out of the past 10 days. On the road by 9 but was starting to fell the fatigue of all the past days. All the off road, harsh weather, getting lost and hours of focus were catching up with me a bit. The skies were of course overcast and I was getting off and on rain/drizzle from the start. I was riding really chill and kind of lazy actually just putting along. The roads were really slick in places due to the wet clay.

Riding along slowly on a straight section and the rear wheel kicked out and bam I was in the ditch. There was a small ridge of rock in the road that my rear tire rode up on and caused the bike to wash out really quickly. Not for a second did I think I was going to get hurt, I was really just more irritated. Unfortunately instead of just spinning out in the middle of the road, which would have caused no damage, I gave the dirt bank a love tap. Just enough of a tap to break my upper front fender and some stuff that is attaches to. Some of the other plastic that broke as a result of the hit helps to hold in the instrument cluster. Now extremely annoyed because I know the fender alone is $219 and with the other plastic I am sure over a $500 spill of the bike. Just one of those bad luck things I guess. Irritated and even more cautiously on my way.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I met these nice Peruvians shorty after my little spill. I had stopped and asked for directions and they offered me lunch. I had just eaten so I politely declined. Some pics with the bike though

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then lady really wanted her pic with the bike

and then decided to get off on the right side with all her weight on that peg. I just laughed. Not the first time the bike has been down twice in a day.

The rest of the ride to Huanuco was pretty uneventful as I dropped elevation and got out of the rain. Grabbed lunch and found Toby and Sarah pretty easily. Aka:

I was ready for no time in the saddle and little Spanish for a few days. Toby and Sarah delivered that and more.

Toby and Sarah are from Maine also. Toby in a round about way but we will claim him and Sarah was raised there. I thought Toby and I had talked about it via email but either he forgot or it was never discussed. They were excited to hear I was from Maine as well and that my Moms house is about 30 min away from theirs.

Upon arriving, the bike and I both completely covered in mud, my luggage was off and Toby had me at the carwash within minutes.

The bike upon arrival
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

My gear

No messing around here. After that I jumped in the shower with most of my luggage and gear to try and knock off the heavy stuff(Toby’s suggestion). Worked on me, so so on the gear. Then we grabbed the bike and dropped it off at Toby’s shop to start to see what really needed to be fixed. Got a few things lined out with Jamie his mechanic and saved the rest for tomorrow.

Start of the multiday clean-up

Already that afternoon Jamie was all over it with giving the F800 some TLC

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