Peru bites back again! Huaraz to Rondos

This is where I parked for the night at this pretty nice BnB for about $20 bucks. Doesn’t look like much but the step from the street to curb then the double step down of stairs inside get a little tricky. I walked the bike in backwards knowing that I didn’t want to start my day with the hassle of getting it out.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In the morning I had a board for the first step, two different height bricks for the second step and a sweet little Peruvian lady trying to hold the board with her foot so it wouldn’t kick out when my front tire hit it. It all went pretty well except once I got my front tire up I had to gas it to make the two brick step. That caused the board to shoot out hit the wall and me to peel out on the tile. We both laughed. I need to start documenting this stuff better with video. Hilarious! See the burn out on the tile.

My friend Toby that I am going to meet had suggested a pretty long route and primarily off road. I got a pretty early start and was rolling a little after 8. Less than an hour down the road, a left turn into the Huascaran National Park and some remote off road. Just before I turned onto the gravel I felt like my rear case was bouncing and wiggling more than it should be. I stopped to check it out and sure enough the washboard roads of Canyon de Pato had taken its toll. The mounting system for the case(which I was skeptic of) was cracked in half. Out come the ratchet straps to try and hold this thing together.

The fix for now
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Not happy that this early in the ride something has totally failed. A shop will be needed for a real fix. Knowing I will be to Toby’s tomorrow afternoon I was putting my faith in the straps

The road was decent but the weather was not. The potholes were frequent but tolerable and the rain was increasing with the temperature dropping.

One of the first sights in the park are the little houses on the prairie. Ahh get it? These are not reconstructed for show they are where people live.

Then this cool lone tree.

The weather was getting nastier and nastier and with my winter gloves trapped in my rear case under a very elaborate strap system (should have thought of that) I had to tuff out the weather. The heated grips made it just bearable. Started to lose feeling in a couple of fingers that I keep extended on the clutch and brake levers.

At the peak elevation it got very real!!

But what a view and a small break in the weather

After the mountain pass I dropped right into nice smooth pavement on a wonderfully twisty valley road. The old F800GS is more girth than I normally like in a girl but today it was the right bike. Dirt to curves in 30 seconds and rallying both. Only video of the pavement.

Passed through a mining operation.

A valley town

I came to La Union and had a quick lunch knowing the rest of my day was off-road. Out of La Union I climbed to a large plateau. About ½ KM across this plateau it turns into a battlefield. Pouring and I mean pouring rain hail and I take the fork in the road that isn’t really a road. Wet slippery grass with no base for the road except mud. Things are not going well! This is where my not so little lady’s extra weight is not handy!

I drag and I literally mean drag the bike out of this hole. Had to push it over on its side just to drag it out. Then I could barely get her back upright because the ground was so slippery I couldn’t get any traction. Bike up right me back on it and my hands stinging from the hail bouncing off them. Now reason to have gloves they will just be soaked and make my hands more cold.

On my way again heading to the “better” part of the road which is still terrible. After about an hour of just getting beat up by weather in the wide open it calmed down some and even stopped raining at times into Rondos.

At this point I am not sure what happen. I asked some guys where Rondos is and they sat 20 min that way pointing. Oh cool its only 330. Ill be off the bike in no time. 20 mins turns into an hour and a half or riding in circles. When I finally get to Rondos a little after 5 I think it is the same town I originally asked in. I cant be sure though because the towns start to blend together after a while. I had some interesting accommodations once again.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

yes that’s meat hanging in the pic

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

My room – I used my sleeping bag

Rondos Plaza

The ninos running to school in the morning

As I watch the kids and get ready to hit the road in a light rain, I wonder:
Oh Peru what do you have in store for me today?!?!

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