An easy day, what? Huallanca to Huraz

Got up the next morning in no particular hurry. Long way short way whatever I was only going to Caraz or Huraz, 4 and 5 hours respectively the long way.

I stepped out of the hotel after giving the old man a nice morning stink eye and a cyclist was just biking past. A girl from the UK biking around South America. The fourth cyclist I have seen in 2 days actually. Had a chat with her about the road open or closed and she had the same info I did which was shotty at beast. I saw a guy in a work uniform similar to oilfield attire(Huallanca is a mining town) getting into a pretty new Caterpillar loader. I thought this guy will know whats up. Asked him about the road and he confidently said THAT ROAD IS OPEN! They got one lane open last night and they are letting people through! Huge win because I had really been looking forward to Canyon de Pato. Had some grub and peeled out a little before 10.

Went about 5 miles and thought I left something at the hotel so I boogied back. Not there, oh well just the rain cover for my tank bag, I’ll survive.

Not even on the road 30 minutes and I am snapping pics already to mostly blue skies! A great start to the day .


Yes sir Canyon de Pato



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Lots of tunnels on the road

Not the middle finger, just a little slow on the trigger finger


Every little landslide I see I am oh that could be the one they cleared. Ahh its not that bad. And I keep repeating this for each landslide until…

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Not sure if you can tell there is a dirt hill there that wasn’t there two days ago. I talked to security guy at the red tape and he said they were letting people thorugh every two hours. I just missed the 10am but oh well waiting is better than 3 hours plus the other way around. Had I not done my little run back to the hotel I would have made it. But still no biggie was a nice day just to sit around and practice Spanish.

Bike getting some interest

Hand lunch in Caraz, then landed in Huraz at a reasonable hour and stayed at a nice little BnB for 20 bucks. Grabbed some food and even a proper cup of coffee. Not without variables but for Peru a pretty reasonable day.

The one pic of Huraz I have. Seems like a cool town and a great jump off pint for some adventure tourism not in the rainy season.

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After some hard days of riding I felt like I deserved some rewards.

A cold beer with horrible pizza of course

And a little taste of home.

The same artificial strawberry taste that you get in Alaska!!! Mmmmmm

On another totally note worthy topic. My girl rolled over 30K miles today. She might be a little thicker than I normally like my women but she surely is reliable and then some. Tossed in the woods in Guatemala at about 50 MPH, hit by a small moto in Colombia, 3 plane rides, several boats, countless other mishaps and drops. The bike only asked for a little general maintenance and TLC. Nothing major and no mechanical issues(knock on wood).

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