Huamachuco to Pallasca. Nope Mollebamba

I talked to a local about how crazy the rains were yesterday and they said that it was very rare. Rainy season is off and on rain all day but rarely consistently torrential downpour all day long. There was also a noticeable dip in the temperature yesterday with the harsh weather yesterday. I was told it was a storm that came in from the jungle, lucky me! Haha Yesterday was one of my top 3 most difficult days of riding. I am really glad I made the choices I did and didn’t try to push through weather and my conscience. Chalk one up for age and experience! Rare that I can do that, past trends show more often the put my head down and push on method prevails with me.

Pallasca was my original goal for yesterday. Now with my run to the coast I had actually added distance to my route if I wanted to make it there today, and I did. I am being fed route information from Toby of Around the Block Moto Adventures , who lives in Peru. I am on my way to visit him and trying to stay on track so I know how many days it will take me to get there and they have an idea when I will arrive.

My new phone/GPS set up is not ideal but far better than nothing. It gave me the run around getting out of Trujillo but I once I got on the road I was cruising along with a little blue sky in sight. I will take it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Not looking quite as promising in the mountains.

I pounded out the first 60km really fast and then got into the mountain turns. It was like a totally different ride from yesterday when I was wet and miserable and couldn’t see anything because of fog. Was amazing to see all the debris and damage the water had caused. The river that the road followed was absolutely raging.

Mining operation along the route

Some great scenery today but the temp did start to drop once I gained in elevation. I saw some rain at the highwer elevations but nothing compared to yesterday. After lunch in Santiago de Chuco it was all off road for the rest of the day. About 100km. With all the rain I was concerned about the road condition but it was surprisingly good. My enjoyment of the road conditions were short lived because the rain started to come down.

I kept thinking this is nothing compared to yesterday I am good. The more I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t bad the more the rain kept coming. I entered into Mollebamba a little unsure of what direction to go and with it just absolutely pouring again. Fog setting in and visibility declining it was time to call it a day with only about 40 km to my destination. The problem is that here with harsh off road conditions, 40km is one to two hours and I didn’t have that in me in this weather.

I had driven by two signs in this very small village for hotel/hostels. Well it was quite an experience and I now know that hostal/hotel is a loose term. For all of my travels in Mexico, Central and South America it is by far my most rustic accommodations.

Having some dinner of Ramen from my camp stove. Happy to be mostly warm and dry. That’s the look of “I guess I singed up for an adventure, right!?”

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