Huamachuco to Pallasca oops I mean Trujillo A mad dash to safety and warmth!

Forgot to mention I ran into these guys yesterday in the one not rainy part of the day I had. I guess action sports really are everywhere including rural Peru!

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And Huamachuco has a plaza like every town but they have some very cool sculpted hedges.
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The rabbit has seen better days

Ok and out of Huamachuco

I woke up in the morning to really hard rain and was thinking that maybe I should stay 2 days here. But I had just spent 2 days in Cajamarca and knew another day here would be hanging in a hotel room mainly. After breakfast and grabbing the bike from the parking area I thought, well its rainy season I bet it will be raining again tomorrow too. Off I went in circles around town trying to find the correct way out. Once on the road the rain continued very steady throughout the day. I went up and over this large pass and had rain, fog, heavy rain with no breaks in it at all. At this point I stopped and put on just about all my layers. Lots of streams rocks and mudslides throughout the day. Temperature dropped as low as 34 and never got above 42. Really really harsh riding conditions with my boots still being wet from the day before. Now they were tiny little cold pools and I a haven’t even been riding 2 hours yet!

So happy for having the right gear and not being soaked through. Klim jacket and pants never got wet through even with consistent driving rain. Just fighting for every mile and can honestly say not having a ton of fun.

Because of the bad weather and no GPS I missed an important turn. By the time I knew where I was, it was just over 2 hours from the coast and 4 hours or more from where I wanted to be. I was tired of the continuous heavy rain and felt the safer decision was to head to the coast. It was 100% the right move. It was raining until about the last hour of riding. People were saying how this much heavy and all day rain is not common even for rainy season. So many road hazards and sketchy conditions I was happy to be out of rain and soon off the road in warm sunny weather. Here are my first pics of the day. All I can say is ahhhh….

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Other than the great accommodations beach front for about 20 bucks a night and the amazing sunset I was rewarded with one of the best tasting fish meals I have ever had in my life. Sea bass with a light butter and something sauce that was absolutely amazing. I can only assume it was nectar of a Unicorn because it was so delicious!!

Cooked here on a grill that raises and lowers over wood coals to control the heat. Great system!

Pick your fish
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Looks pretty average but trust me it was anything but!! Im salivating just writing about it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Since I landed in a major town, I ended up getting a cheap smart phone I could put GPS maps onto. Here is what I hope will be my savior for the next ever how many months.

No easy days in Peru but made the best of a tough one. It is hard to capture how wet and cold I really was and that making it to the sun was pure bliss. The harsh weather, heavy rain, fog and rapidly changing road conditions made riding just dangerous. The weather never improved so very happy I didn’t try to push on.

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