A couple of days – Leymebamba to Cajamarca-Huamachuco

My friends did this route 2 years ago and I knew it was a long push. They had gone from Chachapoyas which is a huge day. I knew I wanted to go from Leymebamba to make the ride more reasonable.

Today I got rain, fog, sun and hail. Temperatures from 40 to 90. Elevation from over 10,000 feet down to Im guessing 3000 (no more GPS to tell me) haha. It was one if the most intense rides I have ever done. The weather, the road, the animals etc all contributed. It was mostly pavement but the road is just wider than one lane for both directions. Depending on which way the switch back was going its was rock face to one side and a drop off of several hundred feet or more to the other. Because of focusing so much I didn’t get many pics. Here is what I have:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I must admit for one of the most beautiful rides I have done I did a terrible job documenting it. Lots going on with the weather and trying to stay on the road. I hope the video I took captures it better.

I had some fuel concerns so to conserve I decided to shut the bike off on one of the downhill sections. That section lasted for about 20 miles where I turned the engine on once for less than 10 seconds to get up a hill. Some great video of riding in silence too.

Riding with the engine off

Spent two nights in Cajamarca and took a day to check out the sights. Some cool history to Cajamarca and good photo ops. A town I enjoyed except for the very loud bomb like fireworks they would let off every 8-20 min. From 8 am to about 10 or 11 PM. Never did figure out why. South Americans just love noise!

The sigths of Cajamaraca

Smoke from the fireworks bombs that go off all day!

A homemade crazy spinning free-standing fireworks device. Seemed far from safe but looked way cooler than the camera picked up.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Cajamarca to Humachuco

I left the next morning under rain and dreading getting out of town with no GPS. I had saved google maps offline to help me out and it was mostly painless getting out of there. The day was all gray skies with rain varying from almost nonexistent to steady. The road was much more tame than the one to Cajamarca so it was pretty much a casual but wet cruise into Huamachuco. I fumbled my way to the center of town and as soon as I started to look into hotels the sky broke open and it poured. After a search longer than I wanted for a hotel with secure parking I found what I needed and dumped my luggage.

Was in early enough to get a little bike maintenance done and attempt to try and dry some gear.

This pretty much sums up the day. Wet dreary and pretty uneventful.

No GPS leaves me lost, very wet, cold and with a not so cheery day tomorrow!

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