Tough day turn around.

Woke up in the more stomach issues. They never really went totally away and now I am two weeks into dealing with it. I have tried several medications over the two weeks but nothing has completely knocked it down. I get one or two ok days and then 1 or 2 brutal followed by 2-3 mediocre. I have noticed its been wearing on me some. I think just always having another variable I don’t need in the back of my mind everyday. Without going into much detail that no one needs to hear there are days where I am just cramping all day long. From almost nothing to wincing pain. Nothing else just cramps. Makes for a long hard day on a motorcycle. I hope the alien decides to leave my stomach soon.

As for my exit out of Chachapoys, it was one of those really bad days. I kept waffling on weather or not to even leave and finally at the crack of 10:50 I made the move. I knew I didn’t have a very big day planned. After about 20 min of overcast I got into the rain. Ugh I was hoping for a little more of a break. I made it to the dirt road in Kuelap Ruins. About 20 miles each way of dirt switch backs, small towns, crossing a huge valley and muddy slippery sections. The ride to Chachapoyas day before yesterday was a look how amazing Peru can be. Today felt more like what Peru is all about. The people, places they live and starting to get off the main tracks some. I have so great video but no way I can upload it with Peru wifi.

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Once I hit the dirt road and noticed some of it was in good shape for some high-speed gravel. I stood up and started to get after it a little almost forgetting about my stomach. Took a brief stop for a pic and as soon as I stopped “Oh Shit!!!” Nope not what you are thinking…

My GPS had bounced out of the cradle that is specially designed for the GPS. Guess the high-speed gravel was more than it could handle. Ironic too because I replaced the old cradle with a new one for this trip. I was losing confidence in the old cradle and it was acting up a little. About 28,000 miles with the old cradle less than 2,000 with the new one. I hadn’t gone more the 3 miles so I turned around racing and searching before someone picked it up. SOL on that one. Bye bye GPS. I was pretty aggravated and bummed out at this point to say the least.
“Do I even bother going to the ruins now? What a lame day.”
Had a little pity party for myself, which lasted all of 5 min and then just thought well there is nothing I can do to change what has happen. I am going to enjoy those damn ruins no matter what.

Shouldn’t there be something here?
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I made the right call. While mentally drafting a letter to the idiot that designed the GPS mount while riding I notice I was almost smiling. Not say I was totally over the GPS loss already, but I was really enjoying the ride. I will say it over and over but pictures don’t capture these roads. Here is an attempt

And here are the ruins that I did enjoy very much. A very cool and impressive historical and cultural site. From what I could gather from my all Spanish speaking tour guide is that this was basically a fort the Incas built with some houses within the walls. Amazing what they built so many years ago. I also think she said that it was never finished. Sounded like the Incas were driven out, not sure on that though.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


A tomb with bones in it

My all spanish speaking tour guide. I got some of what she was saying and even asked some questions


Just chilling

The base of what use to be a house

The exit built this way to make it hard to invade. Allegedly they would drop rocks on your head if you were trying to get in unwelcome

Me and the tour guide heading out

Great view

Made great time on the way out now that I knew the dirt road a little. Simply great riding and I was riding well after getting the stomach issues and GPS loss out of my head. A low-speed close call in one of the really muddy section. Would have resulted in me covered head to tow in the mud after falling off the bike but I saved it.

Stopped at the Police station at the end of the dirt road with the long shot hope that the nice person that found my GPS turned it in. No luck but I left my email with them just in case. I’ve accepted it’s gone at this point.

The loss of the GPS, back tracking and road conditions into Kuelap made for a long day. I only had about 50 km to go from Kuelap road to Leymebamaba but that takes time when you average about 25mph. The roads are just a little wider than one lane with constant hazards popping up; rock slides, wash outs, concrete drainage depressions, other vehicles in your lane, to name a few.

The ride out of Kuelap

My one pic of Leymebamba

Oh wait and the river they expect to flood every year and just use the road as the river. Interesting approach.

Can you say slip and slide?

No GPS tomorrow! It could get interesting! But happy I made the best of a tough day. Ended up being a long but really good day.

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