Deserts to Amazon – Really starting to see Peru

Met this cool couple in Mancora. They are headed North and have been traveling the world 2 up on a Yamaha Tenere 660 for 2 years. Their Facebook and website are on their shirt.

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Real day 1 in Peru out on the road about 8am on an empty stomach, because no place is open that early to get breakfast in Mancora. Stopped at a gas station to top off and had some little chicken thing to keep me going. The gas station attendant and cashier really liked the bike. They asked for a picture and I said of course. Climb on up. Big smiles while sitting up there. I always forget to get pictures of this, next time.

Leaving Mancora is dessert and oilfields. I should have snapped a pic or two but it was too hot to stop and I had a big day planned. Not the most scenic area. Here is just out of the oilfield. A wind farm.

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I went through patches of green valleys in the dessert where crops were planted. They were all done in steps to best manage the water. The water flowed from one step down to the next. Nice to see some green landscape.

The step down for water to flow. The next one would be in the opposite corner. Well built and effiecent. Lots of work to construct these fields.

A section of nice corners in the dessert. But always better be paying attention arund here. Apparently this guy was not!

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The landscape went from several different types of the desert to mountain curves. Once in the mountains most of the ride followed along the river in the bottom of this huge valley. Hard to capture a photo of it. Other than the land slides the road was actually in amazing condition. What a great day of riding.

This is what I have been waiting for!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Nice to be able to keep an eye on the bike right out the hotel window.

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Speaking of my room I had this awesome hologram picture in my room. Two actually. The only thing remotely good about my room was the picture.

Took me a little longer to get out of Jaen than I had expected. Hard time finding a bakery for breakfast and then once I moved the bike to pack up, it started drawing a crowd. Here is part of the crowd that gathered around the bike. The kids were all questions and were really excited about the AK post cards. The one on the left was scared to get on the bike. The lady on the right got about 10 pictures with me and the bike. She pulled me right in close and I think may have been kissing my ear at one point. I just stayed looking straight ahead turning pretty red haha

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Jaen had a little bit of a rough feel to it but it might have been because the entire main street is under construction. Staues, sidewalks, street and all. Be interesting to see in a couple of years. They are obviously trying to make it more inviting.

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Building a road by hand dumping 5 gallon buckets into the mixer. Crazy hard work!

Out of Jaen and into some great riding for a much more reasonable 200 km to Chachapoyas. Hard to capture it in a picture because the road is in the bottom of the valley so I was looking up at all the scenery. Just totally amazing. It would be like riding in the bottom of the Grand Canyon for scale but green and changing cliff faces and mountain peaks.

To the right under that rock overhang is the road.
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Mother nature says one lane.

Feel like I am really starting to see Peru. Another great day of riding with epic scenery and mixed weather. Had some pretty heavy rain for an hour or so which makes for slow going. I will take only an hour though. It’s the rainy season in the mountain of Peru and any day that I am not soaked through is a good one!

Keeping the blog up is difficult in Peru the internet has not been good anywhere. I will do my best stick with me.

3 thoughts on “Deserts to Amazon – Really starting to see Peru

  1. Still with ya Boy!!! Am thrilled that you are making progress and having a grand time of it … and yeah a little envious … carry on 🙂 ((( ❤ )))


    1. Ha ha ha. i bought a cheap smart phone that helps but isn’t ideal. Soft bags are bomber! One minor issue with the way one is attached but fixing that tomorrow. You can follow on adv still too. Not sure which format you prefer


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