The start of Peru

I got on the road a little before 9 from the hotel. My plan was to have breakfast at a McDonald’s I had passed the day before, knowing they usually have solid wifi. I pull up to McD’s and uh oh not open. I couldn’t figure out if construction had just finished and it hadn’t opened yet or it just wasn’t open for bfast. Stopped anyway and tried the wifi. Network said locked but somehow it just worked. A nice tone to start the day heading into a border crossing. Did some quick research, sent off some messages to people and off I went still with no bfast.

A quick roadside meal from basically a lean-to and not the friendliest peeps. But had something in my stomach for who knows how long of a border mission. As I was right near the border saw 4 other Adventure Motorcyclist heading north. Good to see others on the road and then thought wont see those guys again. Wrong! I will see them in about 5 min when I turn around and go back to Ecuador aduana to process my moto out. Oops. Never saw a sign anywhere and wasn’t all that clear even after I was told where. Didn’t take long to get the moto processed out. Just one stamp from one office. A miracle! Now off to what I think is really the Peru Customs or maybe its combination of Peru and Ecuador. I get me stamped out of Ecuador and then me stamped into Peru. All fairly painless with only a few minor hiccups. Like security guard that says get in that line.
Me- Ok but don’t I need that piece of paper that everyone else has?
Security guy – no
Me – ok but I think I need that
Security guy – no
Off I go into line wait for about 20 min and the guy who stamps passport says where is your paper that everyone else has.

I sigh and take the piece of paper go fill it out and get back in line. It never ceases to amaze how common those types of interactions are in Latin America. I accept its all part of it but still scratch my head about it.

Then off to process the moto. It took well over an hour with just me and the guy working through it. No real curve balls just seemed like it was the first moto ever temporarily processed into Peru. Haha After that got my insurance (SOAT) for 2 months at literally the next desk over. Not cheap but very convenient. Away I went into the dessert of Peru about 70% confident my paper work was correct.

That my friends is the Peruvian flag on the south side! Boom! Go gringo!

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The past 2 days of riding have been basically highway dotted with the 3 T’s that I don’t like. Towns, topes(speed bumps) and traffic. I have still enjoyed the riding but a good reminder of why I avoid the Pan-American Hwy. Southern Ecuador is really green and lush with some nice mountains off in the distance. That all changes upon entering Peru where it is primarily dessert and then dessert leading up to the ocean. I think it is time to head to the Mountains for a bit. I hope I get lucky and get good weather! Only about 6 pics in 2 days. Trying to stay focused on the riding and get more in the groove. I haven’t really seen many photo opportunities that grab me yet either.

Zorritos I think

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The border crossing totaled about 3 hours and I had a nice easy but really hot ride to Mancora. There is a customs checkpoint about 100 km south of the border. It was really smooth and all the people were very nice. I am not sure what you do is something is wrong since you are already 100km south. Gave me confidence that I am all legal, so here I come Peru!

One night in Mancora turend into two because the waves looked good the evening I arrived. Unfortunately it went flat for today. No surf for me but I ended up getting a lot of not so fun things done that I didn’t even know I had to do. Laundry, bank issues, bills and mapping my route. It is the mountains of Peru so I am taking it pretty serious. Toby from was a big help and that is my end goal of my current route.

So here it is: Four Maps so it can actually be seen!

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Mancora is a cool little beach town that appears to be growing fast. On my search to switch hotels because the one I stayed in last night was horrible, I met the owner of Don Giovannis.

A super nice hotel and he was really nice to me. Giving me some information on my route. I saved a few bucks and stayed just down the street. In hindsight I should have just paid the extra and stayed at his place. The breakfast alone would have almost made up the difference.

A few pics of Macora.
Main beach Pretty quiet this afternoon

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Nicer hotels at the point

Little street I stayed on.

They love their tuk tuk type vehicles here

Really cool area with what I think are the originally houses. Now a couple of restaurants with great balcony seating, a surf shop and massage place. Love how they kept the character

My girl safe and sound

Tomorrow starts the big push of what should be some interesting, scenic and challenging riding. The good stuff wont start until day 2 or 3, it will be interesting! I have a feeling I will have limited contact for that time other than the spot tracker. Let the fun begin!

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