Mental Shift

Today was a very unique day to understate it. I have been out of the States for 2 months almost to the day. Today was the first day I did a proper pack job and donned full riding gear to actually put in a full day of riding. Some could even say its almost starting to look a little like a motorcycle trip. What lead up to me finally getting on the road? As any normal person, a good nights rest and up early to beat the heat right… or…

One last farewell dinner with a few friends at restaurant Tiburon. Then of course a stop at the beach bar for a drink or two before they close for the night. Here is pic of a pic that TJ took with his Polaroid my real last night at the point. He kept one for the fridge at the bar and gave me this one for the road. I keep it taped to the inside of my rear top case.

I am the guy with the really white legs!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The original plan was to leave Monday but due to being a lazy bum on Sunday and my stomach still giving me problems for over a week it ended up being Tuesday. So here it is Monday night. TJ usually closes about ten on a normal weekday. The next thing I notice is that it is pushing 11, the bar is still open and I am about half packed! Hmm what to do? I should really get going and get my things together or… Get some firewood and start a fire on the beach!! Option 2 it is.

My photographer chopped off the fire and got me in the 5 min I used a chair! Haha

People dwindled and it ended up being four of us just chatting around a small fire. Next thing that we all know it is about 130! Uh Oh this wont help me and my packing situation!

When I did come back to my room this was on the door. TJ and Kais had done this earlier because they thought I wouldn’t make it back to the beach bar after dinner. Great funny note (Kias writes well for a 3 year old). The envelope had some fresh off the press new Montanita Brewing Company stickers. Damn nice people around here.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Surprisingly I was up at 7 am and getting my things together. For sure at a less than record setting pace. I was shooting to be on the road between 830 and 900. 1030 it is. It was nice because I got to have breakfast with She and Tamara. Also a bonus that while I was doing my final check for all my crap and putting my helmet on Jordy Ty and TJ all stopped by for an Adios amigo. I am planning to see Jordy again in Peru in late March but we will see. He is waffling in his plan. May or may not have to do with a certain someone that looks very good in a bikini!!! Jordy? See you in Peru?

As for me once I was actually rolling along on the bike, my thoughts and brain were floating everywhere. Not racing, it was a calm wandering but most definitely lacking focus. A lot of reflecting on the past two months and ever much further back than that. Endless pondering why I was actually leaving? Almost everyone I saw this morning said “so you are really doing it huh?” My answer was I think so. So why did I leave a place that I was so happy at? Because I didn’t want to leave at a point that I was happy to go. I think it is good to want to go back which I completely plan to.

I could feel myself starting to withdraw some today. It is something that I always do after going from very social environments to solo travel. Today I was even questioning if I am cut out for solo travel as well as I use to be. There was a period of time when I owned it with confidence, now? I think with a little time I will get into my solo rhythm, I hope. What a difference a day makes. From happy go lucky with everything and everyday so easy to the unknown, many challenges big and small.

Random last Montanita pics.

The little girls next door. The older sister was so proud of her little sisters dress. She saw my camera and wanted pictures. The little one says no to pretty much every question you ask. Kinda yells “no” and runs off.

Random pics of Tito’s dog. He is awesome.

My one night in Machala Ecuador
Up to code electrical panel in my hotel

A cool wooden press

Where I had to leave my bike for about an hour and a half waiting for the parking garage to open. I didnt like it all then saw a fender bender literally right next to my bike. I just paced on the sidewalk for a while but all ended well.

Crossing the border into Peru tomorrow. It will be interesting a real confidence booster or a slap down from the travel gods. We will see tomorrow! For me every border crossing brings apprehension anxiety and usually frustration. I hide the latter well but all border crossings are different and seem to be mildly to severely painful in their own way. I have no planned destination afer the border just 2 or 3 vague ideas. Had planned to nail it down tonight but the hotel I am that promised great wifi has wifi that does’t work. Good job on my part to wait until the absolute last minute. Peru here I try to come ready or not! Me being the not!

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