The last 10 days or so has been a whirlwind of surf trips, birthday parties and stomach virus. Tough combination!

Tamara let some of the guys that work at Casa and me take the old Land Cruiser on some nearby surf trips. It was a full load with people and boards!

Dodgy Pilot

Jordy of AUS and works at Casa

Jake of South Africa quit his job to travel because he wasn’t happy. I think I have heard that story before.

Tim of Aus one year sabbatical then back to work.(America figure it out!! Its normal in other countries for people to take extended leave!!)

There are some nice Argentineans here that are very concerned with how white I am. All of them are over the top nice girls! They have lined me out with a program to get some color. I was told I can only keep using the 50 SPF on my face and I need to drop to 30 and then 15. I see them everyday and they say “oh you are still very white!” I am still on the SPF 30 and they were very excited to see I am not quite as white as I was when I arrived. They affectionately call me “blancito”, which is just another way of saying whitey. I’m told its meant endearingly…hmmmm haha. I am sure that it is, they are all so nice.

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Ana Gabby Camil and Manuela. (Mere not pictured). I am hoping to catch up with Camil and Manuela in Argentina. The other girls now live in Montanita.

I mentioned TJ and Montanita Brewing Company in my previous post. Both him and his wife Whittney are super nice and chill people. They have rad 3 year old son named Kais. We hung a lot he loved chasing me with water balloons and trying to get me with his squirt gun. Here is TJ being safe and not working that hard. No signs of Kais turning out this special!

Tuesday was my birthday and as on every other day here I walked through the bar to look at the waves. It was in the afternoon because we surfed a different break that morning. Here is what TJ and his bartender Mariella had done.

Complete with my blog sticker and all.

And a photo with the coolest batman Kais.
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So cool of them to do. I had to pass on my free whiskey shot because my stomach was giving me such issues. I did go back to visit some later and Kais had a can of foam from Carnival. This was what he chose to do with it!

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And then pile sand on to make mud. What little boys do I guess. It was fun a lot of fun and we all had a good laugh about it.

The official birthday celebration was Wednesday night at Casa del Sol
Sounds real ggod to me!
The quote board at Casa del Sol for the Wednesday celebration.

Me Jake Ty and Tim looking asleep on the back right
I am not a intoxicated as I look. Sunburned and bloodshot eyes from surfing. All my birthday night pics look like this. Oh well what can you do.

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Lara Paola Me and She. Jake too. South Africans are scared of girls maybe?
Ty bartending

An incredibly witty and funny comment from me is my guess? Haha. Actually think Jordy was hazing me about something.

My toast was that in my travels this is the second hardest place for me to leave. First being home. (Both homes. AK and time with Fam on the east coast)

Take note of the candle on the cake too! Hilarious. Thanks to Michelle and Lara for making the cake. It was amazing. Thanks to everyone for a great night and treating me like family. Something really cool exists at Casa del Sol.

I have made friends with some great people that have been extremely kind to me. To think in just over a month I consider so many people here great friends. The vibe at the point is very relaxed and everyone knows each other. I feel really at home here and it will actually be difficult to leave. I know I will be coming back eventually. For a solo moto trip I haven’t spent really anytime alone. I am preparing for a big psychological shift that will come with riding solo and finally truly being on my own. I am unsure of my plan right now. Possible gain some elevation and go east through Loja or maybe just go quick and direct to Peru crossing south of Guayaquil. Either way I would say the vacation is ending and the adventure now begins!!!

My last sunset on Montanita for a while…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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