A month in Montanita

Lets just start this one off with a sunset pic! One of my better and not easy to shoot. Was pretty happy with this pic.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I arrived at the point in Montanita on Jan 30 and today is March 6. So I have accomplished a couple of goals to start my trip. Surf for a month and take Spanish. I was not quite as diligent as maybe I could have been on the Spanish but there will be more Spanish school in my future.

My surfing has shown improvement and I have had some great waves. This as well as Spanish are long-term aspirations to become proficient at both. I would now start to consider myself a surfer instead of just being in the water with a surfboard. I had hoped for greater progress on both fronts but that is mainly because I can be over critical of mysef at times. I will be leaving Montanita content with my Spanish and surfing… for now!

What happens in a month in Montanita? I am not sure all can be revealed! Haha But what I can say is that I have met some great people that are now dear friends. It would be hard to list them all so a huge thank you to all of my new friends.

Other than surfing I passed my days at Casa del Sol and Montanita Brewing Company (aka TJs). Tamara is the owner operator at Casa del Sol and was ridiculously generous from early in my time at the point. Even when I stayed at a different Hostel because Casa was full Tamara made sure I knew that the Casa door was always open. The hostel has a great mellow vibe and hours drifted away chatting and getting to know new friends. Casa also has a Spanish school which is where I took one on one lessons. My teachers English really improved, my Spanish eh. Haha

Here is the link to Casa del Sol – – [url]http://casadelsolmontanita.com[/url]

A couple of pics

I even had a brief guest apperance bartending one night to cover for a buddy. It was a lot of fun and with the help of Tamara and Jordy I don’t think I screwed too much up!

Starting my shift. Side note I was paid in beer!! Great deal I thought!!

There is a really nice Ecuadorian Family that lives next door to the Hostel. They have a bunch of kids and now starting to have grand kids. Jordy has been working at Casa for several months and the kids really like to come visit him when he is working. Here he is entertaining them all

The kids kept asking for soda, which they already drink way to much of. So Jordy gave them just a slpash of soda each. They wanted more and we added lots of lime to it. Jeremy kept drinking it but I am not he liked it judging by his expression.

Jeremy had his little bike that he would ride around each day and every 5 to ten pedals the chain would fall off. Being an OCD Mechanically minded guy I couldn’t handle seeing this everyday. I took his bike to town and got a few link taken out of the chain and new pedals because it only had one. Was shocked that I found small bike pedals that were an exact match. 5 or 6 bucks later new pedals, chain shortened and front wheel bearings done to get rid of the death wobble.

The bike fixed

I couldn’t find what was needed to fix his brakes. So now with 2 pedals and no wobble he is flying around the neighborhood. Jordy said he saw him all stacked up in the bushes. Haha Lucky little kids are like rubber.

Just chilling at the bar at Casa Del Sol

Just throwing in another random sunset pic

or two

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Think my continuous viewing streak ended at 29 or 30. Got sick and had a siesta through one. It was a good run.

Life at the point in Montanita is good but there is an itch that I need to scratch and a certain girl that has had quite enough of being ignored!

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