OK I lied a little!

That night I met Sol and her friends after a huge dinner diving and drinks earlier. Needless to say I was exhausted!! The team came out to meet my new local friends for a drink but Ricardo and Stuart had to dive the next day so they were off and I was on my own.

After a few drinks and chatting with Carl Sol and Arianna’s Mom some how they get me out on the dance floor. After we get out there Sol ask me if I know how to dance Salsa? Ummm no I am very pale move like a robot and usually in bed by now! After some quick lessons I think I represented gringo-nation quite well. No dancing pics but here are a few of us at 3 am eating some street meat.

I wasnt even hungry after that huge dinner but they wouldn’t let not eat!!

no photos please

Sol and Arianna. Arianna had about 3 plates!! No joke she is not big and in very good shape it was impressive to see.

lots of laughs by everyone

This is the lady that owned the food stand! I had here pretty much crying she was laughing so hard

I told her I wanted to come work for her. She basically said not a chance. Haha

but still thought I was funny

The next day after not bouncing out of bed I had a really nice breakfast with Martina while the guys went diving. Nice chat about life, travel etc and where we all hope to see each other again.

Sol and I had made a plan to meet up about 11am and she was going to show me Las Greitas and Tortuga Bay

It was a very nice day. Sol is very informed about the wildlife the park and vegetation. Good opportunity to practice Spanish but I think she just improved her English. Thanks to Sol for taking her time to show me around. It was the icing on the Galapagos Cake.

After hiking around for most of the day we had some, well deserved, ice cream and I asked to see Arianna and Carl’s jewelry store. Arianna makes some really cool stuff!

Sol and Arianna’s Mom who was also out dancing to the late hours the night before. She is such a nice pleasant person. Cant say enough how they are all just great people.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Me and Arianna’s Mom

That night Stuart Ricardo and I all had dinner. With a toast to Martina who had left for Isabella Island

Wearing my sweet Ecuadorian Captain’s Hat!!

Food Option

The ice cream opened back up for us after he had closed because we are all addicted to his awesome ice cream! If you are in the Galapagos go here!! All the food is really good.

Good by at the airport

Tired but very happy camper.  I am still really wanting to go back to the Galapagos.  Something about that place is so special.  And of course I was lucky to share it with the right people.  Both tourist and locals!

Now back to Guayaquil where Ricardo took off to Montanita and I said I hoped to see him tomorrow night after I get the bike. I am such a foolish man.

Off to the Aduana and port – optimism crushed!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One thought on “OK I lied a little!

  1. thank you for the toast my friends! My heart is longing for round II. and, scheisse, it was about time you shaved, josh 😉 looks hot


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