Galapagos Wrap up!

Im sure followers are probably ready for something other than Galapagos so I will wrap it up. It was truly an amazing 12 days. I really considered staying longer but I had to get to Guayaquil and get the moto sorted because it had arrived. We actually had extended our stay 3 days to get some diving in.

Here are some pics of the Treasure of the Galapagos, which is top notch but I would do it very differently next time.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We got to jump off the top deck. That was pretty fun!

Double room. Bigger than it looks

Common area to chill

Our private balcony

And a few of us enjoying the last bit of time on the TOG




Me. Yes I am secure enough to rock pink fins!


Martina and Stuart


Stuart Ricardo Martina and myself had become quite a team. Lots of amazing wildlife to see and many many laughs had. I think we will all see each other somewhere in the world again. Ricardo and I changed our flight so we could dive and do it all together. Just another amazing day with the four of us. I hadn’t dove in over 5 years so I was pretty nervous but I had a Swedish Navy Seal, Martina with 100+ dives and diver rescue and Ricardo with 50ish dives. It was the right crew to get back in the water with. We saw lots of sharks but I did not see any hammer heads. Others said they did so all in all a great dive with an excellent lunch to cap the day.

After the dive
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Ride home-Cuaght the Navy Sleeping on duty!

Ricardo and I were lucky enough to meet Sol the day we arrived in the Galapgos. She is Ecuadorian and moving to the islands to work for a couple of years. We exchanged emails and got a hold of her once we got back from our cruise. Getting a hold of Sol was pretty easy. We ran into her at the ice cream shop. Very small town! haha Her and her friends invited us out for a drink. Ricardo got some other things done but I went. Cant pass up an opportunity to hang with locals!!!

Carl the gringo is from AUS been in the Galapagos 17 years. He is married to Sol’s friend Arianna. Such nice people! Kept sneakily paying for my drinks and even my water taxi ride!! Very nice of them. Answered everyone of my dumb tourist questions with a smile. Lucky to have met them!

Tonight would be our final meal as a team! I have actually had some reservation about hitting the road alone. Not for the normal reasons but because the trip has started on such a high, I don’t know how it can be matched. There so many times where I just laid on the top deck of the boat and thought this is a very special place and trip. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience it with such great people.

Our final dinner all together. Stuart and Martina Selecting some fine dining!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The last supper. And a grand one it was!

Our guy that owned the restaurant and we saw busting his but everyday!

Ricardo and Stuart were going diving again in Morning. We all said our goodbyes and Martina and I made a plan for breakfast in the morning. I had made plans to meet Sol and here friends out for drinks. I forgot how late South Americans like to stay out!! More to come on the…

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