Ricardo and Josue do the Galapagos 1

Where to begin? Im in love!! What an amazing place!! So happy for digital cameras and being able to snap pictures like a lunatic. If it’s on your list go!! Don’t next year it to death make a plan and make it happen.

We had a couple of night in Santa Cruz the hub town for the Galapagos. After checking things out for half a day we decided to book a dive for the next day. The dive ended up getting canceled due to lack of people so kind of just a down day. We chilled by the pool at the way out of my budget place we were at. It was absolutely top notch but I am unemployed now so not an option for me for more than one night. Ricardo and I talked and knew in the future we needed to find some middle ground. He is on vacation so I need to remember that and I am an unemployed moto bum so we in a very different place. After we talked about it we had a good idea of where we both needed to be. Plus soon we were on a boat for 5 days. In the afternoon we headed off to Darwin Station on some very high km rental bikes. Hey 3 bucks an hour so Ill take it.

Right off you start to see wildlife and their lack of fear of humans. The Galapagos is obviously a tourist destination but once out of the towns it is truly amazing. Even around the docks of Santa Cruz I felt it was a very different place. Some pics to get things going! Then I’ll babble more:

Big land turtles at Darwin Station

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Calle de Kiosko – great food and really fun

My new friend Miguel. We had beers and traded hats. I am not a captain in the Ecuador Navy! The hats has given a tone of street cred. Haha Ricardo and I had a lot of fun drinking beer with Miguel and Aninal on this little local spot on the street. Miguel is 72 and is on his 6th wife. Aninal loves to harass him about it. Even with the language barrier we were all crying we were laughing so hard at one time or another.

Really cool guys I think Ricardo has a few more pics.

Just awesome!

Seals enjoying the benches

Land turtles on San Cristobal

Much much more wildlife to come. Had to show Santa Cruz the jumping off point to everything

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