Galapogos 2.

After 2 days in Santa Cruz it was time to catch our 5 day cruise on the Treasure of the Galapagos I. Side not: there is no II. The boat, crew and cruise exceeded both our expectations in everyway. It was a great way to get a good overview of the islands. That being I said I wouldn’t do it again. Our boat was 16 people and that is the right size group or smaller. We also had a really great group. I wouldn’t do the cruise again for a variety of reasons. It’s a real tourist thing. Do this at set time with everyone and eat at this time. Very regimented but they did a great job with everything. I would also not do it again because it will never compare the second time. We had a great group and it would be near impossible to beat. The last reason I wouldn’t do it again is because of something that I learned after. The Galapagos residents see none of the money from those all-inclusive cruises. You are not on land long enough or in populated places to spend money and all the employees on our boat (except one) and most other boats do not live in the Galapagos or really contribute to the economy. The fact the cruises are such a negative impact to the economy and viewed poorly by the locals really bothered me. My recommendation is spend more time in the Galapagos than I did and once you are on the ground everything can be booked easy from Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. I know I am contradicting myself because the cruse was really nice but you miss as much as you see and with a little planning and research it can all be done on your own and much less cost. Logistics and a ittle research will get you there. If you are planning a trip PM and I can answer some questions. I am really considering going back once I free my moto. Ok so now you now photo time:

The boat

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The animals have no fear. Matina’s bag

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


They are everywhere

Little guy

Stuart from Sweden and Ricardo. Four of us(Ricardo, Josue, Stuart and Martina) would become very good friends on the boat and I hope we all get together again in the no so distant future.

Martina taking it all in.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I think worth its going to the smugmug account and checking out more pics.

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