My friend from Alaska arrived and we headed out to Salinas. Its nice to have good friend around and just in vacation mode. My friend Richard speaks lees Spanish than I do so I’m really getting some practice. It’s actually been great and I am pulling off stuff that surprises me. And if I’m not sure what is said to me I can just make a translation Richard (aka Ricardo) won’t know haha. We had two days in Salinas and it was nice to be at the beach. The town feels safe and the beach is decent but I didn’t find any real character to it. More expats than I expected and lots of very tall beachfront condos and hotels, mostly empty! Not sure how they just keep building more stuff when the existing stuff has low occupancy. But Im not here to figure out the Economic infrastructure of Salinas, I’m here to get bronzy! Haha I mean red!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Awesome food and very nice guy! Think he was going to let the gringo cook!

A little more of Guayaquil. Giving Ricardo the 2 hour speed tour.

Melany and here friend met us for dinner a couple of beers. It has been great to know a local and make touring the city easier. Here we all are out for drinks

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Someone is having a very good time! Ricardo Making the most of his vacation. We are both really looking forward to Galapagos!!!

I am also getting into a nice personal comfort zone. My Spanish is enough and I will be taking lessons in Montanita next week. The reality and excitement of what I have ahead of me finally setting in. Up until a day or two ago it all seemed very surreal. Now just real and exciting!! I think going to the Galapagos was the turning point. I am pretty stoked for that. A few Galapogos teaser pics:

Thought this was funny


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