Out of Guayaquil for now

Guayaquil does seem to have an edge to it in areas but there is definitely an effort being made to beautify and draw tourista. The malecon is very nice as well as several other parks. There is a free art Museum on the Malecon. Las Penas is a reconstructed older part of the city that looks like the old city has many artist. The strange part is that at the end of Las Lenas there are several high end apartment buildings and a few hotels right on the Malecon. Mostly vacant. Its like they built a high end waterfront neighborhood with no demand to live there.

I was toured around by my friend Melany that I met in Montanita last trip. She is born and raised in Guayaquil and speaks better English than I do Spanish. It is the hottest and most humid time of year in Guayaquil so I greatly appreciate here taking me to do a lot of the tourist things in not so fun heat.

After a couple of days in Guayaquil my friend from AK is arrived on the 15th. Salinas for a couple of day then off to the Galapagos on the 18th. I am so excited to see the Galapagos. Bonehead move of the year…I put my nice camera in the crate with the moto. Ummm just iphone for pics for the Galapagos!!! No way!!! Text my buddy the day he was leaving AK and asked him to go get a camera from a friend that I had arranged with to borrow hers. Very similar to mine so I can use it without much of a learning curve. I was not happy with my lack of forethought. Oh well. There are several other things in that crate that I would like right now but oh well. My original thought process was to put as much stuff in there as possible to not have to carry that. Anyone shipping a moto my want to rethink that a bit!

After 2 days in Guayaquil and with my very limited Spanish returning, my confidence is building. I am not where I was by any means in Jdowns pic but was great to see that. A real eye-opener. Eventhough to look at me I am obviously the same person I can see that I am not. I know I will get there and seeing that confident, secure but aware rider in Nicaurigua moved me forward another significant notch. Maybe there are people out that fall right back into the rhythm, I have no problem saying it takes me time. I think for those fluent or close to in Spanish it may be easier but it is much more that that for me. Also hard to fall into a rhythm on a moto trip with no moto. Haha Its is coming both the confidence and moto. I am in no way stressed about the bike it is out of my hands. I have planned a vacation to start the trip so I wasn’t just sitting Guayaquil getting stressed and anxious. Some advice that I have given others and it is almost always true!! If you ship you bike it WILL be late!!!

Once I have more things to see and take pics of I will talk less. Haha bare with me. As with the ride the blog will start to get a flow as well.

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