The start

Picking up where I left off! My last ride finished in Ecuador and that’s where this one will begin.   Caught a plane South on Jan 12!! The analytical dreamer will ride again… welllll if my moto shows up haha. It was originally scheduled for the 13th but has been delayed a week before it even left. Just the nature of how these things work. My plan: no real plan. I quit my job so I will ride until its not fun anymore or I feel I have given the bank account the appropriate thrashing! The theory: I hear a lot of people talk about cost limiting their travel. Oh that place is too expensive, flights cost too much etc. I think travel can be done economically and I have always felt time was the biggest factor from a good or great trip to epic trip. Well time will be much less of a factor. I quit my job and I am not rushing back to anything. I will be back on my old faithful F800GS with some suspension upgrades and new Mosko moto soft luggage. Here is my wing girl for the next ever how many months.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Test ride with the new kit Tail of the Dragon

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