The Fam and off to Ecuador

I had almost 3 weeks with family in TN and VA before heading to Ecuador and it was just what I needed. I was ready for some big changes but I wanted some quality family time before I hit the road.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Someone near my sister’s house really getting into the Christmas spirit!

During the family time I did a quick run to Miami from TN to get the bike to the shippers. It was brutally cold leaving TN. The reat of the rid was mostly cold and all boring. I took very few pics.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Getting my kickstand chopped at a random fab shop named Smith because I lowered the bike and inch.  Solid name and they did the work for free on a Saturday because they liked what I was doing.

Once the bike was in Miami and crated I had a lot of lose ends to tie up. Banking a few bike parts etc… The boring parts of a trip like this. It was very strange because resigning from work and leaving AK was all done with total confidence. I had no doubts what so ever! I was actually becoming more and more confident in all my choices as my day to leave Alaska approached. That all changed a day or two before I left for Ecuador. It is not uncommon for me and others I have talked to, to run the range of emotions before these long trips. I didn’t feel it coming this time though. I was confident, not excited just very confident. Then two days before I left the confidence disintegrated and it was all doubt! Why am I doing this? Should I be doing this? Will my moto ever show up (most justifiable doubt)? And the list goes on. What will Guayaquil bring? The hardest part of these rides is leaving!!!!Not the most charming city in the world to start an epic ride; can I find my travel rhythm there…

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